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7 Thoughtful Gifts for the New Moms

Being a mother can get overwhelming, and while the baby is always showered with gifts, we do believe that moms deserve more love and appreciation.

7 Thoughtful Gifts for the New Moms

Transition to motherhood is a beautiful phase indeed but comes with added responsibilities than ever and becomes a life-altering experience. It might feel like a never-ending cycle with loads of duties from dawn to dusk, quite literally. And in the process of raising a child, the mother may often lose her sanity.

Being a mother can get overwhelming, and while the baby is always showered with gifts, we do believe that moms deserve more love and appreciation. So we shortlisted some gifting ideas for you to secure the perfect gifts for all the new moms you know, as a token for playing the role of a mother with such grace and affection.

Let’s dive right into the list of seven thoughtful gifts for the new moms:

1. Skincare Kits

Complete Skincare in Gift Box For Mom

Motherhood duties leave no time and space for women to pamper themselves and so self-care routines might feel like heaven on earth. Essential oils to reduce stretch marks, moisturizers and face masks for smooth skin, serums and toners for hydration, there are plenty of options available.

2. Body Massagers

Body Massagers
Lifelong LLM171 Powerful Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

Deliveries cause immense physical changes in the body, and while women are always on their feet, pain in the back, neck and joints are pretty common. Body massagers can help them relax and ease out the stress.

3. Sleep and wake-up Lights

Sleep and wake-up Lights
Philips SOMNEO Sleep & Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp

Sleep-Deprived nights become a regular thing with babies hence this would be the right choice. The machine emits soothing sounds and lights, synced to the rhythm of breathing, to help fall asleep faster. The machine also simulates soft lights that gradually grows brighter like that of a sunrise, allowing her to wake up peacefully.

4. Meditation Pillows/ Bolsters

Meditation Pillows Bolsters
Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion

Yoga and mainly meditation are essential after childbirth more for mental health than physical. Plush and soft meditation pillows will help women practice mindfulness and retain their peace of mind.

5. Baby Carriers

Baby Carriers

It becomes extremely difficult to balance chores and take care of the baby simultaneously, especially if the mom is the only one looking after them. Be it cooking, running errands, working, the baby has to be kept close all the time. A baby carrier is the most thoughtful gift as it reduces the hindrance and also eases the pain caused by holding the babies for long hours.

6. Baby Keepsake Libraries

Baby Keepsake Library
Source: uncommongoods

The years of motherhood passes by so quick, and it feels like the baby grew up in no time, and so to cherish all the memories, the firsts, and every milestone your kid crosses, these keepsake libraries like organisers are ideal. They come with drawers and sections where you can store everything from the first drawing to the first report cards, the cutest photos and more.

7. Milk Collectors

Breast Milk Collectors
DALUCI Milk Collectors

Breastfeeding can become quite a task, so for all the busy moms, this is a life saviour. As the name suggests, milk collectors are silicone devices that can easily slip into bras and collect breastmilk from one breast while your baby feeds on another. They are easy to use, and you can always have an extra stash of milk stored that you can use while you need to step out. The stored milk comes in handy for long and tiring nights.

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