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7 Simple Tools To Kill Your Stress

Every day we are faced with stress as a result of work, financial burdens among other forms of stress. But fortunately we have been able to come up wit a list of applications that can help reduce and totally eliminate your stress.


Reports have proven that even the slightest disorganisation can tip the sanity scale by an inch. However this application solves this problem and keep you within that sanity range.

ColorNote makes time management stress free and jobs done with ease. It is a simple but powerful and efficient notepad that allows you manage your notes, calendar, schedules and events on your phone’s home screen . This application has received loads of positive feedback and over 99 million users downloading it via the Google Play store app.


Have that shipments to track or flights to keep record of ? EasilyDo helps you stay updated on the latest upcoming events happening in your life. You can streamline your tasks by connecting to the police to on you love so much.

Manage and organize your LinkedIn, Evernote, Facebook and your Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP accounts and calendars all in one app how great is that?! With EasilyDo you stay updated and organized while you work.


Most times been unable to keep proper track of your expenses can be very nerve-racking and tiring especially when it comes to calculating taxes and trying to fill an expense report for tax purpose expensify helps solve this problem in no time.

With expensify, you can take picture of your receipts and let the application prepare your expense report it’s that easy. system goodbye to spending sleepless nights calculating and piling up receipts with this application.


This application is science-based and has an emotional touch to it. This app helps provide games and activities that can improve your live and reduce the stress. Happify is the only app that combines scientific research done in positive psychology and neuroscience into games and activities to help users become happier fulfilled and less stressed .

Simply Being


I would recommend this application for people who are into meditation, Simply Being helps you relax by guiding you to a place of advanced meditation

Relax Melodies

Source: YouTube

This app helps you relax through the most popular of means Music! you can create your own relaxation play lists, mixes from other users to achieve a better night’s rest, you can create your own ambiance with over a hundred unique sounds to chose from almost environment can be recreated using this application.


This is a free application that helps you save money on each fill up. You get to see the nearest gas stations and their real prices so you don’t get ripped off.

These applications are very helpful in our daily activities and save us a lot of stress.

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Written by Lalana Suvarna

Lalana suvarna is a commerce professional, her interests include reading, eating and writing.

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