7 Signs that You are Dating a Psychopath

Are you madly in love with him? Are you sure that he’s the right man? These questions are simply to make sure that girls know whom they are going around with. There are subtle signs that you often tend to overlook. Before you fall into his trap, read that signs that will help you steer away from these guys.

The roaring beast

Anger is a common emotion. But anger for the right reason is what is acceptable. If your partner expresses dangerous anger at the drop of a hat, rethink your decision about going for the next date. Later, they would love to see you shudder while he roared out loud.

Honeyed words, no fights

The psychopath is clever enough to understand your heart’s desires and accordingly he chooses his words. If he is too charming it’s a danger sign. No individual can be charming enough not to have faults. It is normal to have an argument or a fight with your boyfriend. The one who agrees to whatever you say is the wrong guy.

Too suspicious

Being possessive to some extent feels good. But over possessiveness that leads to suspecting your loyalty goes beyond tolerance. Life becomes a punishment with such a partner.

Multiple personality

You might sometimes notice some extreme changes in the man’s personality. Sometimes he is too sweet while sometimes is the angry bull. Go for an immediate change of boyfriend if you want to live happily ever after.

History of messy affairs

Break ups in the past are normal. But a string of break ups is a matter of concern. Check the man’s past before trusting him too much. Bring him to your confidence and ask questions about his past. If he avoids discussing his past… girl, beware.

Liar! Liar!

Lies never hide for long. The moment you find your man lying for silly reasons, think twice before letting him hold your hand. Lying is a compulsive disorder. Once a man is used to lying and grows it into a habit, there is nothing more ruinous than this.

Red alert of the mind

The instinct of a woman or a girl is pretty powerful. It sometimes gives you signal like being uncomfortable about certain things. When your man explains you about something but still you feel there’s more to it than meets the eye, pack your back girl. Though you cannot point out why you are not happy with the explanation of his words, your sixth sense never lies to you.

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