7 scary truths about sleeping pills

‘Sleeping pills’ sounds quite harmless. But beware of making them your best friends. These seemingly harmless pills can cause serious health hazards. How? Here are the reasons.

Drowsiness or the hangover feeling: Sleeping pills are usually taken for a good night’s sleep. But it is dangerous when the effect linger even the day after. You tend to wake up with a feeling of a hangover which is characterised by drowsiness, headaches and dizziness.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Sleep disorders: [/highlight]This happens when one gradually becomes dependent on sleeping pills. Sleep-walking and sleep-eating are some of the bizarre sleep disorders over which you have little or no control. These can cause serious accidents.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Dependency:[/highlight] Sleeping pills gradually regulate your behavior and ultimately your lifestyle. You gradually lose the power of falling asleep and depend on how the drug lulls you to sleep.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Depression:[/highlight] Those who take sleeping pills gradually slip into depression due to which they tend to withdraw from society. They suffer from a strange feeling of anxiety, nausea and vomiting.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Shorten life span:[/highlight] Research has shown that insomnia is not responsible for shortening your lifespan, but sleeping pills do. Those who take these pills are seen to die earlier than those who do not take the pills.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Gastrointestinal problems:[/highlight] Sometimes those taking sleeping pills tend to experience bouts of nausea or diarrhea. It is therefore advisable to take sleeping according to a doctor’s prescription.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Cancer risks: [/highlight]Taking sleeping pills increases your risk of dying with cancer. Why invite the disease when you have the option of dying a natural death?

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