7 Realistic Reasons For Not Finding the Right Guy

Are you surprised at your ‘single’ status? Hmm…Now where to find the right guy is the question that lurks in your mind. Here are some hurdles that prevent you from meeting your Mr. Right. Knowing about them will definitely help you overcome the.

Work Work & Work

If this is your mantra of life no one can prevent you from dying a rich, old and single grandma. You may have plenty of money to shower on people but, know it for sure, they all will be people of good times. To get loved ones around you you’ve got to take chances. So, take some time out and start dating guys whom you think are worth spending time on.

He was bad, all men are bad

There are guys who act being good and later leave you with a broken heart. There is more to it than meets the eye. Don’t be influenced by bitter experiences. Take them as lessons learnt and listen to your inner voice. There’s nothing more powerful than that.

He should be like….

No individual is perfect just as you are not perfect in your looks. So it is wise to be rational and keep your demands low. Life is nothing but accepting an individual with his imperfections just as he accepts you with your drawbacks. All you have to see is how far your likes and dislikes match. If you are poles apart, think twice before taking the plunge.

I am the best

If you think you are best, um… you are probably wrong. Guys with brains and proper understanding go for girls who possess intelligent thinking power and are honest about themselves. Self-conceit acts as a turn off. So, be honest if you want an honest man to hold your hand.

Let him approach

Are you being a sleeping beauty waiting for a guy to come and propose you? Wake up silly girl! This does not mean you run after the guy you like and reveal what’s in your heart. But if you really like him, befriend him. Make your presence felt through friendship. If he feels something for you he will come out with it. Or else you’ve got to look somewhere else for the right man.

My family, my life

Though it sounds selfish, it’s true. In many cases it’s your family that prevents you from making the right choice. Parents sometimes make the wrong choice. After all to err is human. Sometimes you are so tied up with your family responsibilities that you hardly find time to think about your personal life. It’s impossible to dump one’s family. Being with your family does not mean you stick to the same house throughout your life.

I and my husband

Just as you want him to love your parents he, too, has the desire to see you adjusting with his parents. If you want a happy family life you’ve got to accept the rules of new home. You can bend the rules after contributing something to the family you are living with. It is this lack of will to adjust with other members of the man’s family that scares you to get the right guy. Those men who wish to be a gharmajai or live away from their aged parents are not worth respecting.

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Written by Ranja

A book editor and a content writer, my first love has always been to write. I'm also a romantic at heart and love dwelling in my own world of imagination.

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