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7 Movies You Can Watch With Your Children

In this story we suggest seven highly entertaining movies, giving out positive messages.

7 Movies You Can Watch With Your Children

Looking for a perfect way to spend this Children’s Day with your little ones? Well, there’s nothing better than to spend some quality time with them and, we feel a ‘movie night with the fam’ would be a blast.

We take this chance to suggest seven highly entertaining movies, giving out positive messages, that you can watch with your children. Get your popcorn bowls ready, and dive into the kids’ worlds, as they laugh and cry and enjoy themselves to the fullest.


The story is about Luca who is a sea monster but can remain human on land and his best friend, Alberto. They go around exploring the town of Portorosso, having the best summer of their lives. The film has extremely good visuals and voice overs.

2.Raya and the Last Dragon

A film by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Raya and the Last Dragon revolves around princess Raya who is committed to hunting down the only dragon left, Sisu, and making him stop the evil powers threatening her land. This film is a perfect blend of fantasy and action with a heartwarming story and a moral message.

3.The Mitchells vs. the Machines

The movie is centred around Katie Mitchell, who is set to go on a road trip with her family, but they are soon attacked by a technological uprising as electronic devices come to life and they stick together to save the world. Now it’s up to the Mitchells — the world’s weirdest family — to save the human race. It is a crazy family adventure you will surely remember.

4.Peter Rabbit

The film revolves around Thomas trying to plot against the rabbit Peter and his sisters living in the garden of the mansion Thomas just shifted. The film is sure to win over hearts with its cute animations.


Vivo is about an animal, Kinkajou, who loves music and embarks on a journey from Havana to Miami to deliver a love song to an old friend. Enjoy the catchy music and a heartfelt story.

6.My Little Pony: A New Generation

The fifth of the My Little Pony franchise, this one is about Sunny, a pony, and Izzy, a unicorn, and how they explore faraway lands and develop new friendships as they decide to restore peace and harmony in their hometown. The show emphasizes values like friendship, loyalty, and kindness giving out only positive messages.

7. The Claus Family

The film revolves around Jules, a guy who hates Christmas, who realizes that his ill grandfather is Santa Claus and how he is the only one who can help him restore the spirits of Christmas by helping him out. The film is different from your average Christmas film, with a unique and powerful storyline. The film releases on 1st November on Netflix, but we can already hear the Christmas bells.

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Written by Antara

From a mass communications background, I'm a fervent reader who often tries hands-on with writing. Films and music are my escape from reality, with a dream to make it big someday.

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