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7 Latest Wall Stencil Ideas for Home

If you are a picky decision maker and want to design your walls according to your mind, then wall stencils should be your go-to thing.

7 Latest Wall Stencil Ideas for Home

Are you looking to revamp your home without burning a hole in your pocket? Are you looking for new ways to elevate the look of your walls? Then you are at the right place. Stencilled walls are a new trend in home decor and are the ones to stay. This fashionable method is a simple and affordable way to transform any accent wall into a stylish statement. This will add elegance to your interior design and create the look of your dreams.

If you are a picky decision maker and want to design your walls according to your mind, then wall stencils should be your go-to thing. Take control of your style, your colours, your budget – all without ruining your walls!

Are you worried about where to shop for these stencils online? We have curated a list of places where you will find the trendiest designs for your creative DIY. Allow these seven contemporary stencilled wall ideas to inspire you to create your next painted masterpiece. Without further delay, let’s look at the list of seven latest wall stencil ideas for home:

1.Customisable Geometric Stencil

Customisable Geometric Stencil
Source: Royal Design Studio

Want to add some shapes to your boring monochrome wall? Then geometrical stencils are surely the thing you should get your hands on. Easy to use, these give an elegant look to your room effortlessly. The design can be customized according to your wish. Various online websites supply these stencils at affordable prices.

Brand/Website: Amazon,, Royal Design Studio
Price Range(per stencil piece): Rs.500 – Rs.2000

2.Modern Black and White Trend

Contempo Trellis Wall Stencil
Source: Royal Design Studio

This might be the best way to elevate your white walls into something known as modern art. What better than a combo of white and black. These Contempo stencils can be used to create a high-end look adding to the minimalistic tone of your house.

Brand/Website: Royal Design Studio, Amazon
Price Range(per stencil piece): Rs.700 – Rs.3000

3.Thick Bamboo Pattern Painting Stencil

Thick Bamboo Pattern Paint Stencil

Create your own featured wall by picking your favourite colours for the walls. These stencils are inexpensive and may be used for a variety of tasks, including painting cloth and many more. This unique stencil ideas is perfect to add to your tree house look. Perfect to add freshness to your room creating an illusion of a green and serene environment.

Price Range(per stencil piece): Rs.2700 – Rs.2800

4.Tone on Tone Accent Wall

Tone on Tone Accent Wall
Source: Royal Design Studio

One option is to use the same colour but in different finishes. With the great colour contrast, this would give a stencilled accent wall texture. If you like a sleek look with neutral tones, this look can be the one to add that edge to your monotonous look.

Example: Harlequin Craft Stencil from Royal Design Studio. A great graphic, geometric stencil pattern that can be used for both modern or retro design.

Brand/Website: Royal Design Studio, Amazon
Price Range(per stencil piece): Rs.600 – Rs.3000

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5.Maple Branch Tree Stencil

Maple Branch Tree Stencil

Adding a pop of colour and nature to your walls, this maple branch tree stencil will the job for you. You can’t go wrong with angles or measurements, even if you don’t have creative talents. Our transparent painting stencils assist you in layering and placing. Because of its flexibility, it may be used on any curved surface and you can paint like a pro, creating the wall of your dreams.

Brand/Website:, Amazon
Price Range(per stencil piece): Rs.400 – Rs.1700

6.Metallic Pops of Art

Metallic Pops of Art
Source: Royal Design Studio

If you want to do design a look that stands the test of time and remains classy even after a long time , then this DIY metallic pop stencil is for you. Example- Ornamental Flower Wall Stencil. For an exquisite effect, the Ornamental Flower Wall Stencil was painted randomly on the walls in shiny gold and black. The alcove refresh’s upmarket orientation is aided by the rich copper colour of the paint.

Brand/Website: Royal Design Studio, cuttingedgestencils, Amazon
Price Range(per stencil piece): Rs.300 – Rs.2000

7.Funky Wheel Paint Stencil

Funky Wheel Paint Stencil

Another trendy idea is the funky wheel paint stencil. Perfect for a quick revamping and creating a quirky art piece. One can never go wrong with this basic design that adds to your boring room and make it look classy without much effort. These stencils can be found on many websites or shops. Easy to use and reusable stencils make it convenient to remodel any space in your home quickly.

Brand/Website: Amazon, Flipkart,,
Price Range(per stencil piece): Rs.200 – Rs.3000

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