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7 Interior Design Ideas For Children’s Room

Kids room can be made fun with multifunctional furniture, themes, lighting, and various color schemes to inspire a young and energetic feeling.

Children's Room

1.Bedroom with a jungle theme

Romilla Tiwari of ThinkCutieful created this vivid jungle inspired baby nursery. The wallpaper is the main attraction and accounts for the majority of the overall look. Materials that are safe, lead-free, and non-toxic are used.

ThinkCutieful Bedroom with a jungle theme
Source: Instagram/@thinkcutieful

2.A Boy’s Room That Is Fun

Tristan, the homeowners’ son, is joined in his room by his sister, Emma, and their dog, Cookie, in a Manhattan apartment designed by Annabelle Selldorf and D’Apostrophe Design; the bed is by De La Espada, and the drawing table by Ducduc.

A Boys Room That Is Fun

Make a picture gallery on the walls of your child’s room. Allow your child to wander through the wonders of great artistic work; this will most likely help them open their minds.

3.Amy Berry’s look is classic and timeless

Amy Berry employed blue and white textiles for pillow-like surfaces all around the room to create a timeless look: the headboard, chaise, and even the walls are upholstered. Lampshade made of fabric complete the look.

Amy Berry's look is classic and timeless

4.Pretty in Pink

A neon light installation is mounted above Penelope Kardashian’s bed, which is topped with a Hermès throw, in Kourtney Kardashian’s Martyn Lawrence Bullard–designed California home.

Pretty in Pink

5.Vintage Cool

For the girl’s bedroom, a whimsical style in the children’s room is concentrated on old artwork, such as the cast aluminium antlers obtained at auction. The vintage Milo Baughman side chair has been reupholstered in Rogers & Goffigon fabric, and the chest is from CB2. West Elm provided the accent table. A floor pillow, also from West Elm, adds to the young feel.

Vintage Cool

6.Prop it up

Themed rooms for children or teenagers are common. There are props installed to give you the impression of a luxurious Kids room. For example, in a boy’s room, you might use props such as a guitar, a large ball for a sports theme, and other sports-related items. Some want to build a dummy rock climbing wall on the side wall for trek-obsessed teenagers, while others want to install a basketball court.

For a girl’s room, you can have curtains that flow from just below the ceiling onto the bed in a circular pattern, or similar Barbie theme props that fit into opulent interior décor. All of this is considered high-end interior décor for a child’s room.

7.A Natural-Inspired Space

Eric Cobb designed a modernist glass-and-concrete residence for an entrepreneur and his two daughters on Washington state’s Mercer Island. Walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Capri Seas recall the lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest in one of the girls’ rooms, which features an Arper desk chair and a Pottery Barn rug.

A Natural-Inspired Space

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