7 Gift Ideas To Give Bride To Be On Her Bachelorette

A best friend’s wedding is much awaited and her bachelorette is just as much looked forward to. It’s a day to make your friend feel special, make her live up her single life for the last one time and of course, drink yourselves merry!

So when a bachelorette is supposed to mean so much, can you really show up with a gift that doesn’t exactly show much love? N-O-P-E!

So her are a few gift ideas to give the bride to be on her bachelorette that are thoughtful and kickass!


1.Gorgeous White Dress & Accessories To Style It

The white dress and its connection with a wedding may be a foreign concept, but countless brides to be from the current generation have grown up seeing the concept, be it on TV, or books or the internet. So while your bride to be may be getting her favourite bridal lehenga, you can gift her a token white dress.

If It’s A Group Gift: Opt either for a really nice white gown by a renowned designer and pair it up with accessories as per your budget and the number of girls pooling it.

If It’s An Individual Gift: Opt for a more casual white dress, perhaps something like an LBD, or a sexy AF dress which you can easily find under 1k – 2k. If you don’t want to spend a lot on accessories, keep things simple and add in a pai of earrings and perhaps a bracelet.


2. A Full Fledged Photoshoot For The Bride ONLY


A bride loves to feel special and if your bride to be harboured secret (or not so secret) modelling dreams, or loves to be in front of the camera, this is the gift for her.

If It’s A Group Gift: Go all out. Make it a day for her, and perhaps end it with a her bachelorette party that doubles up as her after party. The more the girls, the more locations and themes you can bring in.

If It’s An Individual Gift: If you want to do this as an individual, we’re going to admit it’s going to be a little tough, but with a little effort, you can pull it off. Set a day aside for her and find a place you two will have some privacy. Pick out a bunch of clothes for her and rope in a friend to shoot or get clicking yourself. While this won’t be a professional experience, use that to your advantage and make it personalized. Perhaps you can get some bubbly too, to keep you two company.


3. Jewellery

Her man’s already given her a ring as a symbol of his, why don’t you ladies too?

If It’s A Group Gift: If there are a lot of you, you can look at diamonds. From rings, to earrings or a simple every day set.

If It’s An Individual Gift: Precious is obviously going to be out of your budget so perhaps opt in for something simpler – along the lines of a sweet silver infinity ring, or one with her wedding date engraved.


4. A Custom Saree

We Indian girls love our sarees and Indian clothes and that love is at an all time high during the time of weddings.

If It’s A Group Gift: Opt for a heavier saree. Look for embroidered fabrics or ones that have heavy work on them, or better still, if you have the time, knowledge and the resources, get a kaarigar to do the hand work on the saree from scratch.

If It’s An Individual Gift: Take inspiration from Sushmita Sen aka Ms. Chandni from Main Hoon Na. Take a simple georgette/crepe or semi georgette/crepe fabric, shop for a nice border that’ll go well with it and voila, a saree within your budget!


5. Spa Day Before D-Day


Weddings are stressful and being a bride is even more stressful at times. A spa will not only help her relax, it’ll also giver he some peace and quiet time through all the wedding maddness.

If It’s A Group Gift: Sign her up for a few hours at the spa. From a full body massage to a mani-pedi to facials, the list is endless on what services you sign her up for, based on your budgets.

If It’s An Individual Gift: Sign her up for a mani-pedi, or a head massage, or a foot massage. Even that one hour can have a major impact on the bride to be between the wedding stress.


6. A Lingerie Gift Basket

Lingerie is a classic bachelorette/bridal shower gift but before you zero in on it, you have to make sure you have the correct brand and sizes. Also, take into account whether or not anyone from her family or her fiance’s family will be there while she’s opening the gifts.

If It’s A Group Gift: Go for a complete lingerie basket. From naughty to cheeky to sexy, cover it all! And maybe even throw in a pair of grandma panties in there. 😉

If It’s An Individual Gift: If you are planning to gift her lingerie individually, go for cheeky, naughty or sexy set.


7. Make Up Goodies



If your girl loves her lipsticks, foundations and liners, this is pretty ideal! And with so many wedding functions coming by, this gift is really going to come handy!

If It’s A Group Gift: Go big. One of primer, concealer, foundation and powder each, 3 lipsticks – a red, a pink and a light pink, a few nail polishes and see if you can fit in 2-3 eye shadow sets. If your budgets permit

If It’s An Individual Gift: Gift her a set of 3 – maybe a foundation, a lipstick and a nail polish or eye shadow. Alternatively, you can also gift her a set of 3 (or 4, or 5) different shades of nail polish or lipsticks.


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Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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