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Downton Abbey: 7 Extravagant Styles of Lady Mary aka Michelle Dockery

Lady Mary continues her fight and manages her estate all in style. We are in love with her and her choice of fashion and we are here to make you fall in love too!

Downton Abbey 7 Extravagant Styles of Lady Mary aka Michelle Dockery
Source: Netflix

As much loved the show Downton Abbey is across the world so is Lady Mary and her style. One of the most important characters, Lady Mary, one of the Crawley sisters, is known for her solid-dominating character and her exquisite style. The show is legendary but Lady Mary’s style is iconic. She is the epitome of elegance, grace, and beauty, and her wardrobe exemplifies all of these qualities.

The costume designer, Anna Scott Robbins did her research of the time and reflected on Mary’s style perfectly. The wonderful Michelle Dockery does a stunning job in carrying off all the outfits in style breathing life into the amazing character of Lady Mary. From beautiful gowns to tweed coats, corseted dresses at the start of the series to drop-waist flapper shapes as the series progresses, Mary’s wardrobe is one to be admired.

Lady Mary continues her fight and manages her estate all in style. We are in love with her and her choice of fashion and we are here to make you fall in love too (if you are not already!). Let’s quickly take a look at Lady Mary aka Michelle Dockery’s extravagant style throughout the show Downton Abbey and get ready to take fashion inspiration.

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1. The Spanish Dress

Lady Mary Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey The Spanish Dress
Source: Netflix

Like the times, Mary had a quest to get settles and she catered to many suitors because of that. This beautiful red Spanish-inspired dress was worn by Mary when she entertained three suitors at once. The dress has a typical Edwardian silhouette, with an A-line skirt and a high waist tied with a ribbon. It had a flowy cap sleeve and an elaborate jeweled overskirt with a velvet accent. The gown reflects on her bold and strong personality and adds to one of her signature looks throughout the show.

2. Gold Sequined Dress

Lady Mary Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey Gold Sequined Dress
Source: Netflix

One of the iconic dresses from the show perfectly represented the glitter and glamour of the dinner parties of the time. Robbins described the dress as “antique silver, quite tarnished and warm and very romantic.” It was one of the important scenes of the show where Mary was in the center of Tom and Harry wearing dark colors. The shiny dress perfectly highlighted Mary’s importance in the whole scene. With an asymmetric hem, sequined bodice, and satin silk slip below a gauze skirt, it was an original 1920s garment. The asymmetric hem was echoed by the chevron patterning at the waist. This look can still be worn with little modifications.

3. The Fur-trimmed Navy-Blue Coat

Lady Mary Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey The Fur-trimmed Navy Blue Coat
Source: Netflix

One of the modest yet elegant looks from the show, this coat was repeated by Robbins to show the realism and continuity in the period drama. She wore this lovely blue coat with fur edging in London to see Tony Gillingham and again at Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ wedding. Robbins had a clear concept for Mary, which included clean lines and color blocking. She avoided over-the-top designs and patterns by using simple textiles in bold colors. She posed a different modern bob haircut in this look. Opposite to Lady Edith’s looks, this look oozes confidence and enhances her strong character. The fur and the coats are still very much in style making it a perfect steal for today’s fashion world as well.

4. The Green Mermaid Silhouette Gown

Lady Mary The Green Mermaid Silhouette Gown
Source: Netflix

This is one of the best looks of Mary in the show. Usually draped in bold and dark colors, Mary stepped out of her comfort zone to rock this stunning outfit. Mary wore a beautiful seafoam green gown with silver lace and a rose pattern as she arrived at the Criterion. The dress was created to make a statement: the halter neck highlighted her shoulders and back, and a back insert allowed the bias-cut fabric to flow wonderfully. Typical of the 1920s. Mary wore a similar gold ribbon with a rose design at the side of her head that gave her a cutting-edge image. This outfit proves that Lady Mary was nothing less than a fashion icon on the show.

5. The Blue Fortuny

The Blue Fortuny
Source: Netflix

A perfect example of a 1920s outfit with a modern twist, this dress was a head-turner. Mary wore a blue pleated gown designed in cooperation with the designer brand Fortuny for a royal luncheon. Glass beads were attached along each side seam to weigh down the silk, and the dress had an edgy V-neck. Another one of Mary’s extravagant looks on the show made quite a statement. This is the ‘Delphos’ dress with the modern plunging neckline worn by Mary in the final season. A glittering headpiece and dainty silver necklaces completed Mary’s ensemble.

6. The Brookland’s Red Outfit

The Brookland’s Red Outfit
Source: Netflix

Mary chose a bright red dress with a paneled overcoat to wear at the Brookland. A deeper shade of red piping ran down the collar and waist of the dress. The pleated portions of her coat and the brim of her hat had a monotone trim, making the outfit appear like an ensemble. The simple feather attached to her hat added a perfect touch of elegance and grace. Her round-rimmed sunglasses, which Michelle Dockery wore to great success at the start of the action, were the added bonus. Lady Mary never heard of dressing down for daytime and we totally love that. This dress transcends the times and would still be in fashion.

7. Striped Summer Party Dress

Apart from the dinner party dresses, this summer dress adds to the list of the best dresses donned by Lady Mary in the show. Mary wore it to the Downton flower display as well as the garden party where World War I was announced. Another representation of the Edwardian era, this dress with an A-line style and a high waist, as well as lace trim around the shoulders, was the ideal pick for the occasion. A pearl necklace, lace gloves, and a flower-decorated hat completed Mary’s ensemble. It was simple, beautiful, and total Lady Mary-esque.

Take the much-needed fashion inspiration from Lady Mary’s exquisite style and enjoy the royal yet modern vibes.

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