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7 Empowering Atomic Habits for Brilliant Women

Repetition of certain activities is what we call a Habit.

Empowering Atomic Habits for Brilliant Women
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Consistency is the key to success, indeed, but what is consistency? It is the repetition of our actions to move toward our goals. This repetition of certain activities is what we call a Habit.

So, it is 100% true when we say that Atomic Habits are the keys to our ultimate success in life. That rang a bell, I know. People who are inclined towards self-development must be aware of this transformative book called ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. Well, we have tailor-made this article for you to understand and adopt some life-changing habits that look small but render massive results in the long run.

How can a single habit change your life?

There is no overnight success. There are years of struggles, hard work, and self-improvement practices that creates the taste of success. Successful people are innovative and unique but the only thing that they share in common are these habits. 

They believe in the process so they achieve their goals’. 

James Clear defines habits as ‘the compound interest of self-improvement. If you practice positive habits they will ultimately make you more productive, intelligent, and happy. On the other hand, if you let your negative thoughts grow they will give you nothing but depression and failure in your career and life. So choose your interests!

7 Atomic Habits to Kick-start Your Transformation Journey

1. Read Something

All the people you admire for their irresistible personality and immense success are regular readers. You can start your reading habit with a single quote every day and gradually move to a paragraph and so on. Because every time you read, you discover something new and grow bit by bit.  

2. Say an Affirmation

The easiest task you can take up as a habit is reciting an affirmation for yourself. As you wake up in the morning, say a line of motivation, gratitude, or love. Something as simple as “it is a good day, let’s make it better” can do miracles to your mood.

3. Organize your bed

Someone said, “If you want to accomplish something, then start making your bed”. As you complete the first task for the day, the feeling of satisfaction drives you to your next task. And you are no more procrastinating through your day but doing your work.

4. Set Your To-do List

Being deliberate in your actions is the best method to achieve your goals. Writing your expectations from yourself for the day can inspire you. Ticking off tasks from your list is extremely satisfying and rewarding.

5. Meditate for a Minute

Spending a minute of calmness with your inner-self can boost your mental peace. It helps you get rid of unwanted emotions and focus on the brighter side. You can also start your Mindfulness venture through this habit.

6. Complete One Exercise

Physical health must be prioritized at all costs for a fulfilling life. One exercise a day will help you get into the habit of physical activity. Eventually, one exercise can turn into a regime that will enhance your lifestyle dramatically.

7. Write a Journal

We are always critical of ourselves but seldom assess our actions and provide feedback. Writing even one line at the end of the day can help you stick to your goals. You will introspect before writing, and that will give you an insight into your progress and lacks without being harsh on yourself.

Start following these actions today and create habits that will change you for a better and brighter future.

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Written by Rakshita

Rakshita is an aspiring author and ambitious with a strong sense of responsibility. Loves country music and is an enthusiast of Art. Never likes to give up and explores everything she loves.

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