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7 Craft Kits for Kids: Your Children’s Favourite Past Time

Spend some time with your kids and help them unleash their creativity and imagination.

7 Craft Kits for Kids

Ever since schools shut down, and with children sitting at home 24/7, their creativity has been highly impacted. Blame the situation, but kids have been forced to spend extra hours on screen due to online lectures, plus cell phones and television being the only source of entertainment in these times, the children are now addicted to them.

So whenever possible, spend some time with them and help them unleash their creativity and imagination as we suggest seven craft kits to buy for your little ones.

1. Imagimake 5-in-1 craft kit

Imagimake 5-in-1 craft kit

This is the ultimate craft kit for your children that nurtures creativity with 15+ projects for kids, including Stamp Art, DIY window stickers with Clay, Papercraft 3D models, Paper Quilling and 3D Model Making, keeping them engaged. Apart from it, the craft kit has all the essentials, including markers, moulds and googly eyes.

MRP: Rs. 999

2. Chalk and Chuckles Yarn wrapping, string art kit

Chalk and Chuckles Yarn wrapping, string art kit

For children from ages 8 to 13, it is a unique bird hanging craft kit that is easy to understand and make, with colourful decor that pushes their imagination and helps develop visual and motor skills. It includes 330m in 7 colours Acrylic Yarn, MDF birds with wings, clouds, heart and wooden ring for wrapping.

MRP: Rs. 660

3. Funskool Handycrafts Sand Art Kit

Funskool Handycrafts Sand Art Kit

The Funskool sand art kit helps your child channel their creativity by practising sand modelling. They can choose colours of their choice and spread the sand around the sticky back to create beautiful designs. The kit comes with 6 fun design boards and 9 vibrant colours in the sand.

MRP: Rs. 449

4. Toy Cloud Plastic Jewellery Kit

Toy Cloud Plastic Jewellery Kit

Jewellery Boutique Kit is a mixture of various beads, helping kids make their designer jewellery like Necklaces, Fashionable Bracelets & Funky Earrings allowing them to create versatile Products. It contains Acrylic Beads In Different Designs And Colour, Necklace Clasps, Bracelet, Fish Hooks, Ear Hooks, Beading-Wire And Detailed Instructions.

MRP: Rs. 361

5. Webby DIY Candle Making Kit

Webby DIY Candle Making Kit

Webby DIY Candle making kit is a fun past time for kids and includes everything like Paraffin wax, Measuring beaker, spatula, candle wicks shape moulds, colour dyes, natural fragrances, glitter powder, dry rose petals, gloves, face mask, gifting sheets, decorative ribbon, wooden candle stand and an instruction manual. It allows kids to learn the basics of candle making, create unique designs and use them as elements of decor.

MRP: Rs. 899

6. Creativity for Kids- Origami Paper Craft Kit

Creativity for Kids- Origami Paper Craft Kit

Help your toddlers learn origami with this beginners kit containing 60 bright neon papers and sticker embellishments. They provide a step-by-step instruction manual and more origami tips. It allows your child to explore, learn and create.

MRP: Rs. 3,551

7. 4M Crochet Kit

4M Crochet Kit

Learn the basics of crocheting with this kit which includes 2 crochet hooks, one 1 plastic needle and seven 7 colours of yarn. One can create coasters, handbags placemats or belts. It also comes with a 14 pages instruction book, making the process easier and more fun. This kit is suitable for ages 8 and above.

MRP: Rs. 2,448

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