7 Chokers You’d Want To Scoop Up ASAP!

Ah! The cycles of fashion. What most of us wore as teenagers and children has made a comeback and how! Chokers are the hottest accessory today and we’ve curated a list of them for you. Shop away ladies!


1.Black Lace Choker via Amazon

Black Choker

This one’s a classic and super versatile. Easy to pair with almost any outfit, this one’s a sure shot keeper.

Price: Rs.180 (Excluding delivery)

Buy here


2. Black Pendent Choker via Flipkart

Black Choker 2

Simple, yet edgy, this black choker had us at the first glance.

Price: Rs.475 (Excluding delivery)

Buy here


3. Crochita Blue Choker via Amazon

Blue Choker 2

Blue Choker

Looking to go beyond black? This simple blue choker necklace slays.

Price: Rs.130(Original price: Rs.399)

Buy here


4. Blueberry Filigree Choker via Koovs

Golden Choker

It took us a total of half a second to start crushing on the necklace. The color and the filigree is too hard to resist.

Price: Rs.249

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5. White Choker Necklace via Pipa Bella

White Choker

We’ve seen plenty of black lace chokers but white ones can be equally swoon worthy! They’re effortlessly chic and have an air of elegance to them.

Price: Rs.599

Buy here


6. Voylla Golden Choker Necklace

Gold Choker

This one adds bling to the season’s hottest trend. Kinda cute, this golden choker, ain’t it?

Price: Rs.167 (Excluding delivery. Original price: Rs. 559)

Buy here


7. Black Hearts Choker via Pipa Bella

Black Heart Choker

Usually, black chokers have a little bit of a ‘grunge’ vibe rather than a ‘cutsey’ one but this one is an exception and a chic blend of both the vibes. Lovin’ it!

Price: Rs.649

Buy here

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Written by Vigya Atri

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