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7 Best Yoga Accessories Brands to Elevate Your Practice Sessions

Yoga, an ancient form of meditation, is becoming increasingly popular and relevant in the lifestyle many follow today. So, elevate your yoga routine with a range of yoga accessories and essentials.

7 Best Yoga Essentials and Accessories Brands to Elevate Your Practice Sessions
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The importance of yoga is on an upsurge among people, especially in the post-covid phase, as it became a means to combat the virus, healing one, not only physically but mentally too. Having said that, it is of utmost importance that one is comfortable from head to toe while practising various ‘asanas’.

Elevate your yoga routine with a range of yoga accessories and essentials. Below is a one-stop information destination for all your yoga needs, as we classify seven brands fulfiling them for you.

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1. Athleta

A brand dealing in activewear for women, it has a wide range of clothing for various purposes. However, this brand is well known for its workout tights and leggings, with side stash pockets, zip pockets, adjustable drawcords and stylish details. Its breathable fabric and soft quality allow your body to move and bend freely.

Athleta yoga activewear and leggings

2. Lululemon

Shop your yoga needs from Lululemon, a recognised brand dealing in sports bras, tank tops, high rise pants, tights, t-shirts and other equipment serving as a go-to brand for whatever you want.

3. Sanuk

Sanuk Yoga flip flops

While practising Yoga in shoes or flip flops could result in discomfort, ‘yoga slings‘ are the best replacement for it. Made out of soft cloth straps, they are lightweight and comfy. Sanuk has become a highly preferred brand for yoga slings as they offer unique strap designs and cushiony soles, quite versatile and stylish!

4. Manduka

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats are a necessity since they are the most essential equipment required in yoga. They offer a wide variety of mats, starting from ultra-dense cushioning for superior stability, excellent absorption for sweat, designed for a good grip. Not only this, the mats are made of natural tree rubber, which is biodegradable in turn.

5. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga Biker Shorts

Most people prefer working out in shorts rather than full pants. Hence, we enlisted Beyond Yoga – an athleisure brand selling activewear for women, especially known for its biker shorts. They are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, made of super smooth and porous fabric.

6. Gaiam

Gaiam yoga straps

Finding it difficult to perform deeper stretches and poses? Gaiam’s yoga straps are the answer. They help in improving flexibility and allows one to sustain the poses for longer periods.

7. Brentwood Home

Brentwood home Natural Yoga Pillow

Brentwood home is a brand dealing in luxury mattresses and bedding. It also offers a collection of meditation cushions, yoga pillows, bolsters and more. Their products provide a supportive and wide platform for practising poses. They are durable and an added benefit – these are ‘vegan’ meaning they do not consist of animal ingredients.

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