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7 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas for 2021

Here’s the list of the perfect plans to throw the most fun, creative, and Instagram-worthy bachelorette bash that the bride and the bridesmaid are going to love.

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Looking for some fun, creative and unique ideas to throw the best bachelorette party ever? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at the ideas that are going to make your party memorable.

One of the many perks of getting married is getting an amazing bachelorette party and if it’s your best friend or sister, you ought to throw the most amazing party ever. But we are often stuck on what to do to make it stand out, no worries now as we’ve got you covered. Keeping in mind all the covid regulations, here’s the list of the perfect plans to throw the most fun, creative, and Instagram-worthy bachelorette bash that the bride and the bridesmaid are going to love. Listed below are seven best bachelorette party ideas:

1. Book a Staycation

Instead of booking a luxurious vacation to an exotic place, booking a “suite” staycation is the new trend. Book a penthouse, Airbnb, or a suite in a hotel for your pals, pack for an overnight stay and enjoy all the services the hotel has to offer. This includes getting amazing foods, nice photos, relaxing with matching Pjs, and movies night. Sounds like an amazing getaway.

2. Pool Party

Missing on a beach party? Why not plan a pool party! Pool parties never go out of style and guarantee 100% fun. Book a place and grab your swimsuits as the floaties add to the colour of the party. Have music equipment set, drinks, photo booth, and food ready and you are in for an immaculate fun party.

3. Sing your heart out with a Karaoke room party

Don’t want to throw a basic party at a normal café? Karaoke rooms can be your best alternative. You have a private room for your gang filled with food, a good ambience, and a floor to make it your own. Sing and dance to your heart’s content and make the night one remember.

4. Relax with a Spa Day

Ditch the conventional music-drinks idea of a party and indulge in a day for self-care. Who doesn’t love an elaborate session of pampering with relaxing music and peace? The bride will love a peaceful day amidst all the preparation for the big day and the bridesmaid can always have an off and share the goodness. So, book a nice spa session and let your body thank you.

5. Theme Party with games

This party idea can never fail and is always a memorable one. Let’s be honest who doesn’t like to party, drink and dance till the end of the night? You can create theme party invites and an alternative universe for yourself. Include the Bride’s favourite theme, get matching costumes, decorate the place, and voila your Instagram-worthy bash is ready. Add some fun games to make the night more interesting.

6. Exploring through a Road Trip

Love travelling and exploring the hidden gems of the city? Mould this into your bachelorette party plan. Create an itinerary for a city, book a cab, and get started on your fun journey. You can mark different spots on the road map invite, stop for food and pictures and have a blast. Convert your Bollywood-style road trip with friends’ dreams into reality.

7. Brunch and a picnic

This is one of the cutest, romantic and dreamy ideas. Is your bride not the night out- party animal type? Then she is ought to love this getaway! Plan a picnic date with cute baskets, cakes, laying sheets, and drinks. Dress up with your summer dresses, get your cameras, decide on a brunch cuisine and you are all set.

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