6 Ways to Keep Your Apartment Cool & Green

We often feel uncomfortable in the sanctity of our own homes. Apart from keeping the air conditioner on, it is essential to know of ways to keep your apartment cool naturally. Here are some tips that might help.

The ice bucket trick

This is used even today in homes and offices that do not have air conditioning. Placing a bucket of ice or cold water under the fan is a good way to ensure some cool air within the room. The mechanism is the same as that of a cooler; the fan circulates the air in the room and the ice water brings about the cool air which is circulated. Do it once a day during the hottest part of the afternoon.

The down and the low

Hot air rises upwards and cool air stays below. So shift your sleeping, eating and sitting arrangements in a way that it’s closer to the ground. Spend more time lying down on the floor and reading or for a nap, and chances are you will feel cooler.

A hint of green

Potted plants will help you win some of the war against the heat. Summer is a time for potted plants and creepers so add them to your room or balcony to keep cool. A good set of plants will also provide shade and keep the heat of the day out to some extent. For better effect, spray them with water once a day with a spraying can.

Cross ventilation early in the day

Noon is not the time of the day for cross ventilating the room. Early morning is a better option. Cross ventilate your room in the morning and keep the windows shut during the afternoon to keep the hotter winds out. Cross ventilation will also remove the congested air from the room once a day, getting rid of unnecessary heat.


Try them out. Good jute blinders for the room is a good way to keep out the heat. If they are plastic, you could also spray water on the outside of it, which will ensure a cooler breeze inside.

Whiten your life

The color white absorbs heat the least. So it’s time for you to change the bed covers and pillow cases to a lighter shade so that the room has lesser reasons to be warm. It also goes with the summer effect. So go white…

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