6 Unique Ways of Home Plantation

You invariably end up stocking lot of containers in kitchen thinking you may use them later on. But eventually either you dispose them off or give them to the kabadiwala. Here are 6 ideas to help you know how to use these containers in a creative manner. Gardening for instance!

A wicker basket

These are seen in almost every household. Instead of throwing them away, sterilise them and fill them with soil mixed with fertilisers. These provide fantastic drainage for the plants growing in them.

Metal buckets

Metal buckets are common in households, especially old rusted metal buckets that are leaking. Well, you can increase the number of holes to provide the necessary passage for water to drain out. You can paint these buckets in bright colours to make your garden attractive.

Plastic oil cans

Cut the can out a little above the middle so that the opening becomes wide. Drill holes at the bottom. Though plastic cans deteriorate fast, they hold lot more moisture.

Terracotta pots

If you have a terracotta pot with broken handle, do not throw it away. Terracotta pots look wonderful in the garden. You just need to water the plants regularly as terracotta surfaces dry up easily.

Old watering cans

Watering cans made of plastic or of metal are wonderful for gardening purpose.

Old jars

If you have a jar with a missing cover you can surely use it for gardening. Glass jars are good as they hold moisture. You can also use whiskey barrels. Just keep the plants under sunlight and water them as needed. You can create a heaven at home.

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