6 Signs That Tell He is Hot in Bed

Are you planning to get hitched? Before you take the decision of marrying the wrong man, learn to read the signs that tell you how he will be in bed. Don’t let life, as well as your hopes and aspirations, come to a screeching halt.6 Signs That Tell He is hot in Bed

1.Body language and munching habits

Body language and ways of eating can give you a faint idea of how the man can be in bed. If he keeps eye contact, you are his subject of interest and he is surely keen on knowing what pleases you. If he gobbles it up, it’s a hint that all the fun will pour out with minutes in bed. If he takes a mouthful and enjoys chewing on it, you know what I mean. If he prefers trying new dishes, he will surely try to taste new techniques in bed.

2. The money factor

If the man flashes more of his money, it’s a hint that he has the confidence that money buys a woman. He will hardly care to know what would work best for you. So either you voice your preference loud and clear or be a slave in bed.


This is something that makes a man sweet and sexy. It is not that you need to be treated like a princess every now and then. It feels wonderful if he understands your problems. And if he is polite and confident while making his point clear, he can surely give you hard sex is you want it.

4.The wow physique

Well, the body is an important factor that tells you how the thrust will be. If the man concentrates more on building muscles, you are going to a man who is resorting to cover-ups. But those who run, swim and cycle have a high endurance level and carry on throughout the night.


In case you are comfortable with the guys don’t let go any opportunity if he tries to kiss you. The kiss can tell you how he would have you in bed. If he enjoys a long kiss and lingers it with biting, nipping and licking actions, sex will be surely enjoyable with this man. If it is short, he certainly is not skilful in the art of love making.

6. The drive

If the man possesses a car, his driving too reflects his sexual performance. A man who drives it rough will surely be rough in bed. A more considerate lover will go for a smooth ride for his lady, be it in the car or in bed.

Trust your instinct while judging these factors. They surely tell a lot about the man than words can.

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