6 Creative Shoe Rack Ideas for Your Apartment

A pair of shoe makes or breaks appearances and hence almost all of us have more than one pair! For those who love footwear, end up having 15 to 20 pairs, or more.  The problem that arises now is how and where to store these shoes. If you don’t have a proper place in your house for storing shoes, it looks like one big mess. Here are 6 creative shoe rack ideas for your apartment

Custom shoe rack

This is a shoe rack that comes in a shelf style. You have a piece of wood attached to the wall and another attached to its bottom like a shelf, a little slanting towards the wall.

Cabinet with sliding doors

Get a strong cabinet made with a pair of sliding doors. If you want to get rid of the regular dull look of the cabinet, you can paint the base colour in white and make some floral designs on it.

Rack of cubes

This consists of a single rack body, which contains a number of cubes in which you can store your shoes. This rack can be made of hard plastic or wood.

Cabinet with pull out drawers

This is a common way of storing your shoes. This rack is usually kept at the entrance of the house and the pull out drawers keep your shoes out of sight.

Shoe cabinet with shoe fence and sliding shelves

This is a trendy shoe cabinet that can be made with shelves that slide back and forth. These shelves help you pull out only that shelf in which your desired shoes are stacked.

Tall pull-out shoe rack fixed on a wall

Shoes and clothes should always go with one another. It is therefore better to have your shoes where you are dressing up. This arrangement helps you come out completely dressed without second thoughts lurking in your mind!

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