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6 Pet Care Tips If You Are Going to Be New Pet Parents

Being a new pet parent comes with a lot of responsibilities, and certain things are essential for your pet to be healthy and happy.

Pet Care Tips for New Pet Parents
Photo by Manuel Meza on Unsplash

Are you planning to bring your fur baby home? Being a new pet parent comes with a lot of responsibilities involved in pet care and confusion about what you should do and should not. Your pet needs constant care and attention. To create a safe and comfortable environment for your new member, you need to keep in mind certain things. These things are essential for your pet to be healthy and happy, and should not be compromised under any circumstances.

Here are a six Pet Care tips to follow:

1. Make Your Pet Feel Comfortable

We all need spaces that we can call our own and so do your pets. Create a nice and cozy corner for them once they get familiar with your house. This makes your pet feel comfortable and at home. They feel they have their own space, and now this is where they belong, making them feel safer. It can take pets quite some time to get used to their new environment. Before calling people over to introduce them to your new family member, give your pet time to adjust and feel safe. Seeing so many people at once can scare them and or they may feel a bit shy or insecure. 

2. Get Chewable Toys

It is always a good idea to buy chewable toys for your dog as they start teething. To get relief from itchy and teething gums, they may chew on anything they find. To save your furniture from being torn down, get them toys which they can use for this very purpose. Dogs also chew on things when they are bored, so keep their toys close. Cats tend to scratch when bored and to save your furniture from their sharp claws buy a scratching post for them. 

3. Create a Healthy Lifestyle for Them

Just like you, your pet also needs regular exercise and a proper diet to be healthy. When your pet is small, whatever habits you inculcate they carry forward the same their entire life. Take your dog for regular walks or engage them in an activity like running, fetching, etc. to make them physically healthy. 

It is best to know what you should be feeding your pet. The Nutritional requirements of humans are very different than pets, and this is where you should be paying more attention. Never feed your dog sweets in excess or anything that may be harmful to their health. You can ask the vet to suggest food or food brands that you should be feeding to your pets. 

4. Train Them the Right Way

For your pets to become well-mannered, you must train them properly in all areas, including their food and bathroom habits. Starting with their toilet habits, make sure your pet develops a routine. Try to use commands when you take them out for a walk to do their business which can help them recognize the pattern of their toilet timings.

Puppies should be taken out often than adult dogs. Train your pet to recognize that they can only do their business outside or in a specific spot rather than littering around the house and this can be done by using strict commands or using treats as rewards for their positive behaviour. If your pet has an accident, it is advised not to yell at them or punish them as this can lead to negative behaviour and make them hideaway. 

5. Schedule Regular Visits to the Vet

Regular visits to the pet is a must in the initial stages and should not be ignored. Puppies need to be taken to the vet more than grown-up dogs for their vaccinations and to detect if they have or may have any ailments. Being a pet parent, it is your responsibility to make sure they are given the required vaccinations and proper attention.

As puppies may have fleas or ticks, the vet can guide you on how to prevent them and take care of the situation if they get it. A puppy requires constant attention and care, just like a human baby does, and one should only go for a pet if they are sure they can handle the responsibilities that come with this bundle of joy. This entire transition of your pet from a puppy to a grown-up dog requires you to be there for them constantly and having the patience and time to do the same. 

Pet Care

6. Include All Your Other Family Members

When your pet is transitioning from a baby to an adult, it is important that all members of the family play a role in loving and caring for the pet. By doing so, you make two things; one is you get your tasks done as there will be proper division of work and the second one is that your pet becomes familiar with everyone and creates a bond with them. If you have children, then assign them small tasks for your pet like getting their bed ready or taking them out to play fetch. This helps kids to develop feelings of compassion and responsibility. 

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