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6 Organic Design Ideas for Enhancing Your Balcony Space and Mood

Here are some ideas to help you achieve a perfect earthy aesthetic for your balcony space by creating an inviting, approachable, and properly balanced ambience.

Balcony Space Decor
Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Everyone desires a home with a lovely outside space, balcony and a breathtaking view. They want a spot to unwind after a long day, perhaps with a glass of wine and watch the sunset. With a tiny table, some string lights, and a lovely backdrop, this space can double as a private restaurant for date night. When you stand with your coffee mug early in the morning, watching the sunrise on the horizon, it can bring you peace.

Cosy Balcony Design
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Balcony gardens are popular right now. You may put in a few flower pots and possibly some succulents and creepers. There are also magnificent alternatives for instilling artificial grass that you may walk on for a garden-like atmosphere. You can have a lovely balcony that meets your horticultural needs. Install a few fruit and vegetable plants, such as tomatoes, lemon trees, and so on. You can also cultivate gorgeous flowering plants such as roses, hibiscus, and others in a unique herb garden fifty stories above the earth. You may also add interest to your outdoor living space by installing a vertical garden.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve a perfect earthy aesthetic for your balcony space by creating an inviting, approachable, and properly balanced ambience in terms of the numerous aspects that make it up.

1. A limited colour palette

Balcony with a limited color palette
Source: Pinterest

As lovely as it is to have bursts of colour exploding in balcony spaces, creating a balanced feeling of space with an earthy feel, the value of a neutral colour scheme cannot be overstated. Limiting oneself to neutral whites and browns will not only improve the natural night in the area but will also give a sense of lightness and openness of space, which is especially important if the balcony space is tiny.

2. Install a planter wall

When it comes to obvious design ideas, this one takes the cake. Planters, on the other hand, may give modest balconies an almost unrecognizable facelift, especially when carefully grouped on a wall. This concept is also ingenious in that it does not require a lot of floor space and makes use of available vertical space. Hang some string lights or mount spotlights on the wall for an all-year festive vibe. This modifies the appearance of the area and creates a lovely sight while looking out the balcony from inside or outside the flat.

Install a planter wall in Balcony
Source: Pinterest

3. Greening up the scene

Greening up the scene in Balcony
Source: Pinterest

The usage of plants is the most evident yet crucial factor in enhancing one’s balcony space with nature. Adding plants, which have an obvious organic sense, can provide the warmth of nature to the balcony space. The greatest place to begin is with a balcony garden. Plants that require little upkeep and are adaptable to a variety of climatic situations, such as ferns and succulents, flourish best in earthy indoor areas like this. Bougainvillaea, geraniums, and gardenias are some more flowering plants that can be employed to add colour to the space. Golden bamboo, for example, can be utilized as a screen to provide seclusion to the balcony space.

4. Making use of natural interiors

Another option to enhance the balcony space is to use wooden materials. The wood itself is a substance with a distinct polish and feel. When used with the nude colour palette, it can produce a minimalist impression of space. Wood flooring in oak or beech tones might be utilized to bring the balcony space closer to nature.

5. Rattan furnishings for rustic surroundings

Rattan furnishings for rustic surroundings
Source: Cm2 Disseny Interiorisme

When it comes to furniture, rattan is another material that may be used. Rattan furniture has made a spectacular resurgence in 2021 due to its low cost, lightweight, and durability, as well as the fact that it offers any place a trendy bohemian look- great for earthy interior settings.

6. Install some glass or mesh for pest control

Install some glass or mesh for pest control
Photo By Eisner Design

If you are concerned about pest management in your balcony garden, a glass case is an option. This not only keeps hazardous pests out but also gives your outdoor space a modern feel. Your balcony resembles a greenhouse and offers a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. However, if you like to keep the balcony space free of plants and pests, you may always use mesh or net to cover the entire area.

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Written by Srajati

Srajati is from an Architectural background with a bundle of nerves. She finds peace in writing down her thoughts, travelling, and spending time holed up with a good book.

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