6 Luxury crockery ideas for your house

For those who wish to bask in glamour and luxury, why not give a touch of to your house? The kitchen and crockery bear signs of the mistress’s choice. Here are some luxury crockery items that can change the look of your kitchen.


Store the cooked food in the right place. These casseroles come in various colours like brown, purple and pink. They are petite and round with lids. Savoury and sweet items can be easily stored in these. They come for near about Rs.4, 500. You can get wonderful varieties of these from Le Creuset.


Storing is a must for the kitchen. Jars are therefore of much use. The jars can be used as a honey pot with a dipper, marmalade jar and spoon. These jars also come with fork for storing pickles. These come with a notched lid for easy grip. These are available for Rs.1, 500 each. Try Le Creuset.


Add glamour to your evening tea parties with cute Milmil teapots from Covo. These bear Japanese designs and they come in various colours and designs. The price if Rs.3, 430.You can also get the small traditional Japanese teapot, the Ciacapo teapot from Covo, from just Rs.2, 646.

Free cup sets

It is again Covo that brings you the Milmil free cup sets which again bear signs of the Japanese culture. They come in sizes large and small as well as in various colours and designs. These sets come for Rs.3, 185.

Service plates

Rosenthal brings you a wide range of porcelain Versace service plates. Go for the Epoque Collection which comes for around Rs.4, 263. These palates have characteristic border designs of various colours. Some are also available for a price of Rs.3, 822.

Dinner sets

Glamorous dinner sets from Noritake come with golden border, cobalt blue border while some come with gilded with pure platinum. These dinner sets range between Rs.27, 475 and Rs.57, 875.

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