6 Innovative Jewellery Storage Ideas

Jewellery is a woman’s must have. Even a pain Jane possesses few pieces of jewellery. But how do you store your jewellery in an innovative way? Read further down for some innovative jewellery storing ideas that will also give your room a different look.

Hooks fixed on old chopping boards: If you have old wooden chopping boards nearby, paint it in your favourite colour after fixing some hooks on it. Hang the board on the wall and hand your bangles and necklaces on it.


This is a wonderful idea to make your room look exquisitely designed while you store your jewellery. There are door knobs of various designs. Brass knobs look elegant. Hang your bracelets and neck pieces and change the look of your room.

Cushioned frame

If you have an old and beautiful frame of a picture or a mirror never lend it away. Fix a cushion at its back. This acts as a wonderfully place to fix your ear studs. The hooked earrings can also be stuck into it. Fix pins so that you can hand your bracelets and necklaces too.


Wooden hangers also act wonderful places for storing your jewellery. Paint the hanger in a colour contrast to that of your room and fix small hooks at its holder. Hang your bracelets, shades, earrings, etc. in one compact place.

Key hooks

There are many cute key hooks available in the market. Get some of these and you get a wonderful place for hanging your chains, necklaces and bangles.

Egg holder

Use an ordinary plastic egg holder for storing your rings, earrings and studs. These are loved as they can be easily put inside and taken out of drawers. You can keep it outside.

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