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6 Brands That Provide Customised Skincare Products in India

Most customised brands charge between ₹ 1,600 and ₹ 1,700 for their kits, which include any three-piece set of cleansers, serums, body lotions, night creams.

Customised Skincare Brands Products
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The idea of custom skincare products is not new, but it has yet to gain traction, at least in India.They begin with a questionnaire survey on your epidermis type, concerns, and goals — Vedix, which implements Ayurvedic ideologies, also inquires about your memory, teeth, and bowel movements, whilst FreeWill considers the hardness of the water you take a bath in. Following this assessment, they advise regimen kits that contain various combinations of their products that they say target the problems you just mentioned.

“We are trying to identify how to make your skin more healthy, instead of solving just the surface symptoms,” says Chaitanya Nallan, founder of SkinKraft. A structure like his is heavily reliant on data gathered from individuals, which is then used to generate more sample “skin profiles” for the brand dataset, which is then aligned to the right product.

Most customised brands charge between Rs. 1,600 and Rs. 1,700 for their kits, which include any three-piece set of cleansers, serums, body lotions, night creams, and so on. This could be a good purchase if you are certain that the regimen works — but, as with everything, the first time seems to be a toss-up. Nonetheless, here are a few skin-care brands to consider. These six brands provide users with customised skincare products in India:

1. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials is well-known for their luxurious ayurvedic products. Personalised formulations are bespoke Ayurvedic skin care compositions that specifically address skin problems through an excellent blend of biological ingredients that have been thoroughly researched, are effective, and are in their finest form. These ingredients are hand-blended to guarantee the cream’s uniformity is ideal for dermal contact. They construct the most suitable cream, with an unique mix of clean ingredients, for a personal skin type, taking into consideration their skin concerns, personality, and lifestyle factors, using a carefully curated questionnaire and personalised communication, followed by an in-depth analysis of responses by their Ayurvedic Doctors and expert R&D.

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2. Bare Anatomy

The brand takes personalisation in beauty a step further by formulating premium skincare using user data. Their three-step regimen, which includes Deep Pore Cleansing Facewash, Intense Hydrating Moisturizer, and the essential Overnight Restorative Night Cream, is developed to fix all skin issues. Based on your questionnaire answers, their researchers make custom skin care products for you based on your skin goals and type. All of their ingredients are organic and vegan. Your customised skincare regimen will arrive at your door within 3-7 days of placing your order. If you are dissatisfied with the product, they will reformulate it for free once.

3. SkinKraft

Fill out their dermatologically authorised survey questions to learn about your current skin and hair character traits. End up receiving product recommendations based on an ingredient combination that meets the current needs of your skin and hair. You will be given a SkinID, which will be used to prescribe products to you. A Syndet Cleaner, Barrier Repair Gel, and Acne Control Face Cream will be included (It can be different according to your skin concern). Some packages also include sunscreen. Free skin and hair compatibility checks are provided within the first two weeks of use to allow for product changes at no extra cost. It is not an exaggeration to say that their marketing strategy was excellent. It was designed for people who are tired of switching products every month and have sensitive skin.

4. Freshistry

This is the first brand I’ve seen that allows us to brew products of our own choosing. And I don’t just mean that you can get products with a specific ingredient when I say “customise.” However, on the Freshitry website, you can choose what product and base you want. Then you’ll be able to choose your own favourite herbs. Following the selection of your herb, you will be given the option to select the colour of your cosmetic. After selecting the tint, you will be presented with a number of options from which to select the fragrance for your cream, lotion, face wash, or shampoo. That sounds cool, doesn’t it?

5. Arezou

Make an appointment for a free skin assessment with their trained professional to evaluate your skin concerns and skincare goals. A qualified skincare expert will contact you. Take a brief skin examination to inform them of your current lifestyle and skin characteristics. Their skin specialist will create a personalised skin routine for you that includes organic ingredients and customised products. Your personalised products will be handcrafted from scratch for you and delivered to your door in 7 days. They believe that in this chemical-laden world, we must be gluten-conscious when it comes to the plant-based foods we consume. Arezou makes every effort to ensure that only clean, cold-pressed, gluten-free, and natural plant-based oils and clays come into contact with your skin.

6. Clinique

Clinique iD is a personalised hydration system centred on the brand’s signature Dramatically Diverse Moisturizer creams. “Customization equals inclusion,” according to Julien Moignard, Clinique’s senior vice president of global marketing. After selecting one of the 3 Dramatically Different moisturising bases — the Hydrating Jelly, the fan-favourite Moisturizing Lotion, or the Oil-Control Gel — you combine it with one of the 5 distinct active concentrate cartridges, each of which is designed to address a particular skin concern.

Hope this helps your journey to healthy skin.

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