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6 Brands That Provide Customised Haircare in India

While a plethora of hair-care products have attempted to transform unruly hair, a few new brands are attempting to propose alternatives.

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Bad hair days are dreadful afflictions that no one needs, but everyone has to deal with. While a plethora of hair-care products have attempted to transform unruly hair into lustrous, soft locks, dissatisfaction with hair texture, volume, and quality remains a problem. A few new brands are attempting to propose alternatives with a — literally — one-of-a-kind twist. These customised hair care products recently piqued my interest, and I ended up trying some brands.

Personalised Haircare Products

Haircare products can now be personalised to meet the needs of each individual’s hair and scalp, complete with cute packaging and the buyer’s name on the bottled concoction. Personalized shampoos are hair wash products that are created after the customer completes a quiz that determines the specific ingredients they require to treat their specific hair type and issues. These questionnaires elicit details about the user’s hair type, dandruff, oily scalp, modifications, and daily care.


The brand believes in the distinctiveness of each person and their hair, and takes pride in providing that unique solution to each person who chooses their brand. To do the same, you must first fill out a fairly lengthy questionnaire that asks for every detail about your hair as well as what outcome you might be looking for.

If you ask me if I would recommend the product, I would say yes, but with the caveat that the buyer must be patient. I realised that because of the customised products, my expectations were very high, and I guess I was expecting some kind of miracle in the first wash itself, but I quickly realised that even though the products are highly personalised, it will take time and consistent use for results.

2.Bare Anatomy

I think this brand is quite good. It made my hair soft, lustrous, and shiny while also controlling frizz. It does, however, work best when used after oiling your hair, in my opinion. Because the Bare Anatomy shampoo is sulfate-free, you must use a sulfate-based shampoo to remove the oil.

Another fact I learned from a friend who used the product at the same time as me is that when she got this combination, she had no intention of colouring her hair, but she noticed that post hair colour does not work as well as it used to. All Bare Anatomy products are tailored to your specific needs, and mine included curly, frizzy, and uncoloured hair. As a result, the reviews may differ.


Ravel Care creates customised hair products to meet your specific hair maintenance needs and goals, thanks to data-driven technology and advanced scientific research led by a team of experts. All you have to do is answer a few questions to determine which hair products are best for you. Choose the correct product by specifying the exact ingredients you want in your finished product. These maintenance products have been dermatologically tested and are reliable to use because they do not contain harsh chemicals like parabens, sulphates, synthetic detergents, and so on.


Vedix offers tailored hair care remedies via a dosha assessment questionnaire on the brand’s website and recommends Ayurvedic cosmetics products on dosha imbalances.


Skinkraft employs SkinID, a dermatologist-approved questionnaire that elicits information about a buyer’s skin type, skin concerns, and lifestyle preferences. Following that, the algorithm evaluates the responses and categorises customers into 72 broad profiles.

Each of them is then subdivided into hundreds of combinations based on the person’s skin health and requirements. Following that, a customised kit is formed, which contains a suitable cleanser and moisturiser.


Take part in the natural art of Apothecary and enjoy hygienic, handcrafted beauty that is uniquely tailored to you. Organic blends that are perfectly personalised for your specific preferences. Indulge in green chemistry to create your one-of-a-kind future wellness regimen. Once designed, your custom-formulated product will be delivered to your door in as little as a few days.

Make sure to test all the products carefully when they arrive. Be aware of changes if any and if it seems harsh stop using immediately. Hope you get happy hair!

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