5 Ice Tea Recipes for Scorching Summer


It’s time to ditch your regular hot tea or coffee and say hello to the icy cool tea to beat the heat. If we think scientifically, hot tea not only increases our body temperature but also gives you acidity during summers. But we have compiled a list of 5 lip-smacking recipes for making super cool ice teas.

Peach Ice Tea: This peach iced tea is filled with goodness of fresh and sweet peaches and to top it all it is served icy cold! It’s perfect for a hot summery day. All you need is 2 peaches, tea bags, sugar and water. [Via: Jellytoastblog]

Thai Ice Tea: Honestly I had never heard or come across anything like Thai Tea until I saw this. And the best part is you don’t have to travel to Thailand to enjoy the fully loaded ice cream and Thai Tea. It’s a great drink to enjoy with family and friends in summers. (Via)

Blackberry Mint Tea: Mint is my all time favourite. It is cool, refreshing, clean & energizing. So next time if you are visiting one of those fancy gourmet shops don’t forget to pick up juicy berries to enjoy this delicious drink! [Via: Noelbarnhurst]

Mint Lime Tea: Mint and lime are 2 things that are available all around the year in our fridge, only we don’t understand its valuable potential. Mint Lime Tea is a refreshing drink for summary afternoon. All you need is sugar, water, mint leaves, white tea bags, lemon juice and sparkling water! [Via:Bakedbree]

Orange Cinnamon Ice Tea: Orange and Cinnamon are full of healthy surprises, especially cinnamon. This small little magic wand is laden with plenty of health benefits like it reduces LDL cholesterol levels; regulates blood sugar; reduces arthritis pain; and contains fibre, calcium, iron and manganese. With so many benefits, and the goodness of fresh orange juice, enjoy your summer with added health benefits.

[Via: Offbeatandinspired]

Now that you know how to make so many delicious and cool ice teas, show off your culinary talent in front of your family and friends. But Ssshhh!!! Don’t let them know that we helped you out, take full credit for these mouth-watering and delectable summery ice teas.

And if you want to share your special Ice Tea recipes with us and our readers, then just drop a comment in the box below and we will feature it soon.

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