5 Tips For Planning a Special Easter Sunday

Easter is a time of celebration and despite being caught in a busy work schedule it has always been fun making plans for the Easter Sunday. Sometimes you might be at a loss about how to plan for your Easter Sunday. Here we suggest you 5 ways on how to make your Easter enjoyable and worth remembering.

Decorate the house

Whether you invite guests or not a cheerful looking house always lifts up the spirit. Make some handmade Easter eggs and decorate your living place. Hang them from the ceiling and near the doors and windows in colours contrasting to the colours of your walls.easter-food-2013

Educate your child

Along with a basket of goodies gift your child a DVD that tells the true meaning of Eater. Play the DVD on a projector and sit with your child helping him/her understand that Easter does not mean only chocolate bunnies and fancy Easter eggs.

Plan a sumptuous lunch with relatives

It’s a time of togetherness. There is nothing better than a meal to bring everybody in one place. Exchange of greetings along with updating oneself with the happenings in the life of your dear ones becomes possible on this occasion.

Plan an evening tea with friends

If want to spend the day peacefully with your family you have the evening to have a nice time with your friends over tea. Healthy discussions are often relaxing and entertaining and it also becomes a socializing activity.

Relaxation mantra

Inviting guests, sumptuous meals are often exhausting. If you are looking forward to a peaceful and quiet Easter, plan an Easter escape with your family to a quiet place at the outskirts of the city. This should be done after getting a full body on Saturday so that no time is wasted on the Easter Sunday.

How you want to enjoy your Easter is entirely your choice. Whatever you do should give you peace. Give yourself and our family the best Easter this year. Happy Easter!

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Written by Smita Diwan

Smita Diwan a Television Journalist and Communication Specialist with an experience of 10 years in media and leading satellite channels started as a digital hub for women in India. Smita specialises in Lifestyle, Home Decor, Health, Food and Product reviews. When she is not working,she is researching or practising yoga! @SmitaDiwan

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