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5 Tips For Entering Real Life After College

I have talked to a few of my seniors who are recent graduates and complied what exactly is hard about leaving college and entering real life.

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Completing a college education is one of the most amazing experiences you can have before entering the “real world.” You’ve earned the grades, crossed everything off your college wish list, and it’s probably time to be on your own!

However what exactly does it mean to make the transition from college to the actual world? How do you go about your daily life now that you don’t have someone telling you what you should do? I don’t know about you, but most grads tend to get terrified of the day when they will be forced to leave the bubble.

So I have talked to a few of my seniors who are recent graduates and complied what exactly is hard about leaving college and entering real life.

1. Setting Goals

The most difficult challenge for many people after graduation is determining long-term goals. Short-term objectives have always been straightforward: sustain every day, have just enough cash to pay expenses and support your family, and connect with friends. However, after graduation, narrowing down and committing to long-term goals proved far more difficult.

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to write your goals down and put them somewhere you’ll see them daily. This can serve as a reminder of what you’re having to work toward and the necessary steps to get there. And, as you examine your objectives, keep in mind that your strategies may change or become unfeasible in the near future! You may discover a new passion, end up working part-time rather than full-time, or even put up with a career you despise before discovering something better. Know that after university, everyone’s life changes, and that’s alright.

2. Accepting personal responsibility

It can be difficult to find inspiration and courage after finishing college. There is often a motivation to participate in certain activities when you are in college. But who will be watching you once you’ve graduated? That’s correct: you are. You must willingly strengthen your inner voice of independence and inhibition! If you have trouble staying on track, enlist the help of a friend, family member, or roommate. Probably find yourself a gym buddy who will push you to be your healthiest even if you are “too tired.” But even they can’t do it indefinitely, so you must take the initiative.

3. Taking Care of Yourself

This is distinct from accepting responsibility and is critical. You may believe that transitioning from school to work life is difficult, but the reality is that the “adult world” you may be fearful of isn’t all that dissimilar to college. You’re still you—you could have trouble getting along with a colleague or become overwhelmed by an amount of work, so consider how you handled similar situations in the past. Did you have a nap time routine or an exercise regimen to help you feel better and reset? Make a note of that in your calendar. Find some self-care practices to try if you don’t already have any.

4. Managing money

While you’re in university, you get a certain degree of leeway because your family, scholarships, and possibly even your loans are assisting you to get by without dealing with an economic strain but adulting is hard. When it comes to insurance, tax payments, bank cards, mortgage payments, loans, and living expenses, it’s safe to say that as a grown-up, you have a lot on your plate. Financial affairs can be scary, but trust me when I say that establishing a strong budget plan to save and pay your bills will benefit you in both the long and short term!

5. Not getting your dream job

We are taught at an early age to aim for certainty. We are constantly asked what we’re doing with our lives, and as we get older, people would expect us to be more specific. Yes, having goals and plans does help the way we act but it doesn’t dictate how the world reacts to us.

The reality of the situation is that life is a journey full of surprises. When you come to a fork in the road and aren’t sure which path to take, accept the unpredictability. This basically means you’re in exploration mode, as I like to call it. What’s wonderful about this period is that you can try new things, test, fail, and get to know yourself better. It is acceptable to fail once, but if this occurs again, be prepared to accept responsibility.

It can be difficult to transition from college to the real world. But, at the close of the day, every hurdle, miscalculation, and moment of triumph will lead you somewhere better.

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Written by Kavya

Pursuing food technology and trying to make it big. Kavya loves reading, learning and believes that life can be anything but predictable.

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