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4 Things That Anyone Can Learn From The ‘Science Sensation’ Brielle

This intelligent, smart and bright girl is a get to go WIKIPEDIA

Brielle, Ellen’s periodic table expert is back and now taking on world countries.

Science is fascinating for some while confusing for others. When it comes to the famous science sensation Brielle, then it surely is fascinating and magical too. This super-smart girl rose to fame when she made her first appearance on the popular American television sitcom ‘The Ellen show’ in the year 2015 when she was just 3years old. During her appearance on the show, she asked all the questions about the periodic table which is a great deal in itself.

She has a cute page on Instagram with 828k followers and the account is personally run by her mother, Carrie. It’s interesting to know that what life could form the point of view of a genius 9-year old girl child. This intelligent, smart and bright girl is a get to go WIKIPEDIA. Her curiosity about all the things around her and the willingness to know about these make her a super child in the true sense. Her way of explaining the big concept in a simple manner is her true talent. Any science concept sounds so easy when she talks.

Brielle - Instagram
Brielle – Instagram

She makes every concept look so easy, funny and interesting. Kudos to her parents who are encouraging her talent and helping her to progress forward.

Here are some of the things which all of us can learn from her.

1. Simple and Sweet

Explanation of any concept is better understood when it is explained in a simple language and in a short time. So, rather than sounding complex, try being simple plus sweet.

2. Making Learning Funny and Interesting

When facts and concepts become fun to learn, then learning definitely become so easy. That’s why a little spice of funny element makes learning bliss.

3. Creating Curiosity Thorough Explanation

Curiosity is the mother to learn new things. No doubt, this is true too. If we want to learn something, we should have curiosity and excitement to know and learn about it which this girl surely has.

4. Be Happy

Yes, you heard this right. Simply, be happy and proud no matter what. Because life bring challenges but we need to be happy all the time to tackle and have a smile over our face always.

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Written by Swati Mor

Pursuing her doctorate studies, Swati always looks for unexplored potential in different genres and love to pen down her thoughts. She also enjoys reading about gadgets, technologies, historical art and culture.

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