5 Stretches to Attain a Better Posture

As you improve your stance and become more self-aware, you may notice disparities or areas of tightness that you were previously unaware of. Here are a few stretches to help with that.

Woman doing stertches
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Achieving better posture is usually the result of a combination of factors. Our alignment is influenced by a variety of factors such as core support, muscular imbalances, tension patterns, body connectivity, and so on. Finally, rather than being static, our posture should be viewed as dynamic or mobile. Considering posture as a position will only result in tense muscles.

Instead, better posture is achieved by remembering the body’s inherent mobility. Improving your posture also increases your awareness of your muscles, making it easier to correct your own posture. As you improve your stance and become more self-aware, you may notice disparities or areas of tightness that you were previously unaware of.

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, healthy and strong, and we need these to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Here are a few stretches that help with attaining a better posture:

1.Draw your shoulders back

This stretch opens up the pecs, expands the heart, releases the back, and can get the circulation going.

Take a firm stand on two feet. Lift your arms slowly after interlocking your fingers behind your back. Lift your arms as far as they will go without raising your shoulders. Feel your spine lengthening as you stretch once more. Consider your heart pouring forward and your shoulder blades and tailbone lowering toward the ground.

2.The above while bending

The above while bending

An alteration of such a stretch is to stand in a wide stance, bend at the hips, and let gravity assist in releasing the shoulders as it pulls your arms back down. If your tendons are so stiff that you find yourself arching at your lower back rather than your hips, stick with the standing squat.

3.Bowed down

Woman performing Yoga Child Pose
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This relaxing pose stretches and elongates the spine, glutes, and hamstrings. The child’s pose relieves tension in the lower back and neck.

To accomplish this, follow these steps: Stay on your shinbones, knees next to each other, big toes touching, and heels splayed to the side. Fold forward at the hips and extend your hands in front of you. Return your hips to their original position, back toward your feet.

If your thighs won’t go all the way down, support them with a pillow or folded blanket. Place your forehead on the floor gently or turn your head to one side. Keep your arms extended or parallel to your body. Deeply inhale into the back of your rib cage and around your waist.

4.Extend your chest muscles.

This exercise opens and stretches your chest. This is especially useful if you spend the majority of your day sitting, which causes your chest to move inward. Standing up straighter is made easier by strengthening your chest.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Bring your arms behind your back and interlace your fingers, pressing your palms together. If your hands can’t reach each other, grab a towel. Maintain a straight line with your head, neck, and spine as you gaze ahead. Lift your chest toward the ceiling and bring your hands to the floor as you exhale. Hold this pose for 5 breaths while breathing deeply. If necessary, use a towel.

5.Stretch your armpits

Woman doing stretches
Photo by Katee Lue on Unsplash

Reach the arms out to the sides and up and overhead, clasping the hands at the top, to open up the chest. Stretch your arms up, then bend your elbows towards the back of the room to lengthen your chest and armpits. Hold for a breath, then straighten your arms again. Rep 10 times more.

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