5 Must Visit Beaches In Monsoon

As the scorching heat gets even more hot this summer, all you want to do is head to some cool beach and relax. And what’s more, these beaches are in and around Mumbai, so you don’t really have to take long leave from office. So, where are you headed next weekend? Here are 5 must visit beaches in monsoon.

Colva Beach,Goa
Colva Beach,Goa

Bhate Seashore:

Bhate, a small village near Ratnagiri, is known for its long coastline. If you love beaches, you will love to spend hours here, just looking at the tranquil sea. This place is a must-visit during summers as it’s lush green. Visit this beach at dawn to see a splendid sunrise. You can also see the light house and Mandvi beach from here. Don’t forget to take a walk in the evening by the beach and enjoy some street food. You can definitely spend one day at this beach.

Vengurla Beach:

If you don’t want to go all the way to Goa, you can try Vengrula beach, which is right at the Maharashtra and Goa border. Vengurla is known for its white sand and clean beaches. The land is full of Cashew, mango and coconut trees, keeping with the Konkan-belt spirit. The view is so splendid that you can actually see different colours of water. If you love adventure, you also have the option of water sports over here. This place is a delight for sea and fish lovers.

Bordi Beach:

Bordi is a small place located on the Maharashtra and Gujarat border, on the highway. This beach is known as a secured beach. One can see the longest seashore from here, which starts from Dahanu in Maharashtra. You can visit the nearby Chikku gardens, which are in plenty in this reqion. This beach is famous for its serenity, nature and the black-brown colour sand.

Varsoli Beach:

Situated on outskirts of Alibaug, Varsoli beach is a must visit. Rich in vegetation, this beach is tucked away in a corner, far away from other crowded beaches so you are sure to get your desired peace of mind. It is known as one of the cleanest beach in Alibaug. One day weekend trip is good enough to explore this place. Birla Temple or Kulaba fort are some of the tourist attractions.

Aare-Waare Beach:

Why go all the way to Maldives when you can enjoy the blue water right in your backyard! You will hit this beach when you are on your way to Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule. You will enjoy the long drive along this beach. Simply drive down one weekend, enjoy the scenary, click some good picture, and it is sure to recharge you for the long week ahead.

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