5 Most Exciting Giant Wheels or Ferris Wheels you Should Try

Have you ever taken a ride on a Ferris wheel? If not, you should. These are technically known as observation wheels on which the passenger cars remain upright while the wheel turns. You feel like being on top of the world on these wheels. These are wonderful creations of man. Here we tell about 5 of the most exciting Ferris Wheels.

London Eye

Those who will be going for trip to London should take a ride on this wheel. This is located at the South Bank of the River Thames in London. It measures 135 metres in height and 120 meters in diameter. This is one of the greatest tourist attractions in London and draws about 3.5 million people every year. The nearest underground station to this place is Waterloo. You can get a wonderful sight of the Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, the Waterloo Railway Station and the Charing Cross Railway Station from the wheel.

Singapore Flyer

This wheel is located at Singapore’s Marina Bay, at the southeast tip of the reclaimed land of Marina Centre. It is 165 meters in height and 150 meters in diameter. It contains 28 capsules which are air-conditioned. Thousands throng to get an aerial view of the city centre, Singapore Grand Prix, the Indonesian Islands of Bintan and Batam and also Johor in Malaysia.

Tianjin Eye

Tianjin eye gives you one more reason for paying a visit to China. This giant wheel in located above the Yongle Bridge, near the River Hai in Tianjin, China. It has 48 passenger capsules and its single rotation takes about half an hour,and the view that you get is simply marvellous.

Star of Nanchang

Another wheel in China. This is located in the city of Nanchang. It can accommodate a total of 480 passengers. The air conditioned gondolas make the ride more exciting. This wheel gives a beautiful, splendid sight of the city.

Cosmo Clock 21

Japan is nowhere to be left behind. Cosmo Clock 21 wheel was built-in the city of Yokohama in Japan in the year 1989. It was built especially for the YES ’89 Yokohama Exposition. 107.5 meters in height. The wheel gives you an exciting view of the Landmark Tower, the Three Queen’s Tower, Yokohama Bay, the Bay Bridge, the Marine tower, the Boso Peninsula and even Mt Fuji.

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