5 Kickass Bachelorette Party Themes

In the 21st century, a bachelorette party is generally defined as “a gathering” for a bride before she marries.

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Is your best friend getting married? As a bridesmaid or her best friend, all you need to make her last day of being single the most memorable and never to regret. Here are some ideas for the big hen party or the bachelorette party :

1.Day at Spa

Nothing is better than being pampered. Book a package for all the girls to spend together by relaxing at sauna, massage, pedicure and manicure. This spa treat will take off the load from the bride’s shoulder of getting married and rejuvenate the senses. Furthermore, all you pretty girls will glow on the wedding the day.

2.Pool Side

Pool Side Bachelorette Party
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Pick a hotel, a locale where you have a room and a pool. Get to wear your swim wear and jump into the pool. It can be within your city or any destination like Vegas, Phuket, etc. This pool side, all girl party will blow up the mind with cocktails, wine and champagne. To spice up the party, arrange some fun drinking games and good music.

3.Party on Wheels

Book a limo and throw all your girlfriends, drinks, food and party hop across the town. It will be one of a drunk night and a night to remember. The best way to arrange this party hop will be plan a route, book a shot at every pub you stop and order something special like a song, drink, etc on the bride’s name.

4.Sexy It Up

Book a suite, call in some strippers, or you become a stripper for friend’s last night of being single and have a pajama party. It will be a night, that no one remembers the next day. Music, food, gossips, teasing, and food – is all you need to chill before the big day.

5.Comedy Nights

As the big day approaches, the stress level begins to rise. To loosen the tight muscles, call over a stand up comedian or book a karaoke. Laugh out all the stress and relax. To make up for the mood, add on wine tasting game with cheese.

A tip for all bridesmaid or whoever is organizing the party – it is suggestible to have the bachelorette party a week or 4-5 days before the wedding day. Go on ladies and make the best night ever!

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