5 Harmful Effects of Wearing Heels

Women love to wear to wear heels. Especially if a woman is short, the high heels make her feel tall and she is happy to reach out to things kept at the top shelves. When the accumulated fat is giving her a hard time getting rid of it, heels appear to be her best friends as they make her look slim. To top it all heels give the wearer a sexy look at a cheap price. But it is not only the market price that the wearer pays for wearing heels. There is much more to the story. Here we show what the 5 ways are that heels affect your body.

The back

The s-curve of the back acts to reduce stress exerted on the vertebrae. Wearing of high heels leads to the flattening of the lower back while the thoracic and the head move backward. This poor alignment can cause overuse of muscles thereby giving rise to back pain.

The hips

Hip flexor muscles located at the upper front of the thighs help you walk while wearing heels because the power of the feet to move the body forward is much reduced. The overuse of the hip flexor muscles may also lead to the flattening of the spine at the lower back.

The knees

Heels are often suspected to be the reason behind osteoarthritis that is commonly seen in women. While wearing heels the knees remain bent while the shine bone is seen to turn inwards. The inside portion of the knee receives a compressive force due to this position of the leg. The inner part of the knee is the location where the effect of osteoarthritis is mainly seen. An increased knee torque also results as the heels increase the distance between the ground and the knee.

The ankles

The wearing of heels also shortens the calf muscles and the shortened muscles lose strength when the wearer tries to lift the foot off the ground. This position of the foot also leads to the contraction of the Achilles tendon. This tendon is attached at the back of the heel bone and the pull at this tendon can also cause a situation known as insertional Achilles tendonitis.

The feet

Heels exert pressure on the bottom part of the forefoot. The more the height of the heels the more is the pressure exerted. Hammer toes, neuromas, bunionettes and bunions are results of this increased pressure on the forefoot.

Continuous wearing of high heels leads to aching and ultimately the deformity of the foot. Fashion can be wonderful but it can be dangerous as well. Be careful about what you wear. If it proves to be uncomfortable or hurts any part of the body, give it up. Nothing can be more beautiful than a healthy and strong body.

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