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5 Good Reasons You Should Always Adopt Pets and Not Buy

While we may have heard a lot of times that adoption is better than buying, we should also know why we get to hear that so often.

Having a house with at least one pet can have a positive impact on the mood and fill your house with so much more happiness. But before having one, we are presented with two options – to either buy or adopt pets. While we may have heard a lot of times that adoption is better than buying, we should also know why we get to hear that so often. When I was out trying to have a pet in my house, I wasn’t aware of the true intention of this line and vaguely decided to go for what I thought was the best. Today, being aware of all the reasons, I positively put forward that adoption is always better than buying and here are five good reasons why you should consider it too!

Five Good Reasons to Adopt Pets:

1. You Will Be Giving Someone the Love They Deserve

Most animals present in shelter homes are either abandoned or have been mistreated in the past from where they were rescued and given a space in a shelter home. By going for adoption, you would be able to give an animal the kind of home it deserves. All people crave pure affection, and abandoned animals should not be treated any differently. These animals also deserve a chance of a happy life surrounded by people who would offer them nothing but unconditional love. There are so many animals waiting at a shelter home, somewhere, to get adopted and find the right place where they can be accepted and loved. The condition of street animals is even worse. Some even die by getting hit by a vehicle or due to starvation. So the need to adopt is much stronger than to buy.

2. You Will Be Standing Against Animal Cruelty

When we adopt or give an abandoned dog a permanent home to live in, we are somewhere taking a stand against animal cruelty that the breeders have made a profitable business out of poor puppies. The conditions in which these animals are kept is extremely poor and the mothers are forced to breed as often as possible without any extra medical attention. Their condition is worse than puppies because soon they either fall sick or are unable to breed anymore and that is when they are sold off or killed. By going for adoption you’re also pulling down such large scale businesses and empowering the cause behind shelter homes.

3. You Will Be Giving an Animal a Second Chance

When you go for pet adoption instead of buying, you are in a way saving their lives and providing them with a second chance that they deserve. An animal may find its way to a shelter home due to many reasons and some of them suffer from extreme depression due to separation from their previous family. By welcoming them, you make them believe in the existence of unconditional love again and offer them a stable home where they can be looked after. People associated with the shelter homes try their level best to save and look after these animals abandoned for any reason, but not every animal is lucky to survive this transition.

4. Most of These Animals Are House Trained

Another good thing about adoption is that most of the animals in a shelter home are house trained as they have already spent half their time with another owner who must have already trained them. You are not going to sit through hours and train your dog separately, and it will also be easier for them to adjust as they already know the rules around the house.

5. You Become a Source of Inspiration for Many out There

There are so many people out there who still are not fully aware of adoption and its benefits, so they simply chose the next option. When you, as an individual, go for adoption, you are enlighting others and becoming an inspiration for them to do the same. Change begins from a choice, and every choice has its consequences. 

When I was out looking for a fur buddy to include in my family, I too wasn’t aware of the true scenario, but now as I’ve gained enough knowledge I feel it’s our responsibility to do the needful and spread the word. To have a pet as your best friend it’s not necessary to buy that kind of happiness, but it is very much possible when you go for adoption you “CHOOSE” that happiness for you.

What do you think?

Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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