5 Good Reasons for Drinking More Water During the Winter Months

Many are surprised to know that we should be drinking more water during the winter. Their reason being – when we do not perspire during winter why should we drink more water? We all know that water comprises about 60% – 80% of the human body. So, naturally, it is an important component the level of which should be maintained. Here are 5 reasons why our intake of water should be more during the winter months.women-india-water

Water for beauty

Water helps in flushing out the toxins from the skin. Moreover, winter leaves your skin dry and cracked. Though you might be using a moisturiser regularly, water helps in hydrating the skin from within, giving you clearer skin. Your skin makes you look vibrant even when others are freezing.

Water for digestion

During winter months you are usually drawn towards foodstuff like pastas with cheese, creamy curry and chocolate treats. These complex foods need a strong digestive system. But low water content in the body may lead to indigestion. So, to enjoy the good foods and to stay healthy you need to drink good amount of water.
Water to fight weight gain: During winter months physical activities are quite less. You often tend to give up exercising. But if you keep having curries and pastas with cheese, there is no doubt that you will start gaining weight. But don’t worry. Water helps you keep your stomach half full. This prevents you from over eating and helps you keep a constant weight throughout winter.

Combat the dehydrating heaters

During winter you spend most of the time with the heaters on. These heaters have a dehydrating effect on the skin. This also leaves your skin cracked and dry. To combat this dehydration you need to drink good amount of water.

Water for performance

As we know that water comprises about 60% – 80% of our bodies it is natural that we use up the water of our body while we engage in some activity. If you keep up your regular activities without drinking adequate water you will gradually feel stressed and your concentration hampered. You will not be able to maintain your usual performance.

Though you may not be losing water by sweating like in the summer season, there are various factors that bring down the water level of your body. Be it summer or winter, water is a must for healthy living.

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