5 Easy Steps for Slender Legs

As the monsoon approaches and time to flaunt new skirt and shorts, worried about the intoned legs? Here are five easy exercise routine to follow for beautiful legs.


Jogging helps in toning the calve muscles and also keeping the body in shape. A mild jog for about a kilometre everyday is an easy way to keep weight worries afar.


This exercise helps the thigh, hips and buttocks.

Method: Stand straight with your feet and shoulder width apart. Keep arms in front of you and slowly bend your knees to ninety degrees angle. Keep your back straight and eyes looking forward. Slowly rise to starting position, placing your hands on your hips.


For keeping the legs tone and in shape lunges is the best exercise.

Method: Stand straight with your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your back leg straight and bend your front leg to lunge. Return to starting position. Alternate with your other leg. Leave muscles tight.

Circular Legs:

To strengthen the calf muscle circular legs movement for 10 minutes is good.

Method: Lie on mat and raise one leg and move in circular motion as if drawing a circle in the air. Repeat this for 20 times and switch to alternate leg.

Extended Leg Lift:

To shape inner thighs and strengthen the leg muscles, extend leg life is a must try.

Method: Lie on your side using a small pillow for neck support and move your top leg forward so its resting on the floor. As the bottom leg is resting on the floor keep it extended and toes pointed. Lift bottom leg approximately six inches off the ground, hold it for three seconds and lower it back down. Don’t let your bottom leg rest on the floor until the set is finished. Repeat 15-20 times per set.

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Written by Smita Diwan

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