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5 Amazing Ideas to Re-Decorate Your Homes

Our houses and their design represent us and help distinguish ourselves. Small changes to colors, layout, and fabrics can easily improve your mood and evoke positive feelings

Decorate your home
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Having a beautiful home is a dream for all of us. Our houses and their design represent us. You can decorate your home as per your taste to become more comfortable, enhance mood and generate relaxation, serenity and restfulness. Hence adding a few touches to the place we live in is very important. But since many of us live in small flats we may not be able to accommodate extravagant decorations. Here are some interior decoration ideas for your flat.

1.Hang plates on the wall

This has become popular as a home decor idea recently but has been something people have been doing since decorative plates have existed. With the fine detailing on your porcelain and China plates along with their affordability, they become extraordinary decor items for your wall. It can be done very easily in your small flat. Just measure your wall, mark locations, choose plates, attach hangers or tape and hang the plates.

2.Search some Wall stickers or wall art

Find some cool, incredible stickers online which are also affordable and easily available. They can be easily put up anywhere. This decal can add a character to your flat. These can be large stickers plastering the entire wall or small cute stickers. This will give your room a perfect vibe and can give you something to stare at during those thought sessions.

3.Fashion a beautiful wall hanging

You can find something in the market or DIY a wall hanging. Make sure it’s flashy and exciting for you. Or you could hang up your favourites like guitars or other exciting items. Picture ledges are surprisingly inexpensive and can easily turn your flat into a precious sight to behold.

4.Show off your books and video games

Whether you’ve just purchased your first flat, looking to renovate your home or just want to add some energy to your study, add your best reads or your favourite video games to the front shelf to display your passion to the world.

5.Add photos and relive memories

This is something we all know and do, add a collage of pictures or photos that are special to you. Make sure they are stuck in a particular way such that they looks appealing. Looking at those pictures could make your day better, after all it is one of the best stress relievers ever.

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Written by Kavya

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