30 Years After Her Debut In Maine Pyaar Kia, Bhagyashree Has Not Aged A Day. Know Her Secret 

In 1989, Maine Pyaar Kia gave Bollywood two very promising actors namely, Salman Khan and Bhagyashree. While Salman went on to become a superstar, Bhagyashree quit movies at the peak of her career and got married. 30 years later, Bhagyshree still looks drop dead gorgeous.

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As it turns out, her age-defying fitness regime and strict diet control is the reason for her young looks. Apart from functional training, she also practices yoga. She went a great length to set her diet and exercise regime right. The actress is a certified nutritionist and wellness expert accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board and American Holistic Health Association. She even completed the Stanford healthy cooking and child nutrition course. Check out some of her fitness videos-

Bhagyashree’s fitness journey started when she was diagnosed with calcification of shoulder. The condition leads to the accumulation of calcium salts in the body tissue causing them to harden. This was a big trigger for her to start her fitness journey. To reverse her condition, Bhagyashree decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle instead of going for surgery.

Bhagyashree writes on her blog, “It is the body’s protective measure against pain signaling you to stop, check and restore the damage that you are doing. The realization was gradually sinking in that I had completely disregarded all the signs for 7 years. What was I doing? Why had I challenged my pain threshold, why hadn’t I thought of the consequence? I looked at my limp hand by my side and tears rolled down. This time not in pain but with the tumultuous thought, would I fully recover?”

Today, Bhagyashree is not only free form her pain, but is also enjoying the looks that people die for. She is quite an inspiration for others to jumpstart their fitness journey.

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