Latest makeup tips for the fat faces

Women are born with faces that have unique shapes. Your face shape is something that you cannot change. So, it is better to accept the truth and if you have a fat face her are some make-up tips to help you get the slimy look you have always wished for.

Contour the face

The sides of the face in this case make it look larger. So, take a regular makeup brush and mildly apply the powdered foundation just below the cheek bones so that it gives a slim look to the face. If it is overdone use a wipe to lighten it or wipe it off to start afresh.

The eyes

The eyes need to look bigger to make the face look a little smaller. For this you are pant your eyes with a thick liner and use mascara on the upper lashes.

Highlight the lips

The lips can be made to look thicker so that the face looks smaller. You can highlight the lips by using a gloss at the centre of the lower lip. Avoid using s lip liner for that will make your mouth look smaller.

These are some simple tips for making your brad face look thinner. You do not need the help of a professional as these applications can gain perfection with practice. It is time to celebrate the shape of your face.

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