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2022 Interior Paint Colour Trends: The Colours to Set the Mood of the Environment

It’s time to dive into the 2022 colour trends! When it comes to sprucing up your interior, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders.

2022 Interior Paint Colour Trends The Colours to Set the Mood of the Environment
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Colour plays a significant role in the world, both in the built & natural environments. It is considered a part of the universal language and is widely regarded as the simplest concept for communication. The basic ideology is to distinguish between people who merely use the space and those who fully experience it. It is mandatory to understand the virtues of the people using the space. The functionality aspect plays a significant role in the designing of colour ideas.

Certainly, the belief that colours are merely decorative and that specifications must be met solely through interpretation, or that the use of themes and colours is merely fashionable, is unfounded and false. The end needs and desires of users are prioritized in a humane approach to interior design. As a result, one must comprehend the truth and conduct an in-depth analysis of colour and theme to elicit interest in human welfare and dignity in improved living methods.

Perfect paint colour can create a productive and proactive environment

Colour is the first visual representation of a character. Colours and hues have been in studies on how they affect the human mind functions. A perfect colour blend can create a productive and proactive environment for users to work in, whereas a mismatched mix of themes and colours can create a state of confusion and despair. Human movement and behaviour are inextricably linked to how they perceive space. When a person lives in a plain and monotonous house, he lacks user intimacy and looks at the space from a single perspective.

Colours have a role in emotions

Each colour on the wheel plays a different set of emotions, allowing us to better perceive the activity and outlook of the environment. Green and blue are lovely natural and calming colour tones that can be used in any room of the house.

It’s time to dive into the 2022 interior paint colour trends! When it comes to sprucing up your interior, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders. Continue reading to learn how to incorporate these interior paint colour selections into your home.

1. Neutral Shades

2022 Paint Colour Trends Neutral Shades

In the last few times, neutral shades are in the trend. They enhance the spatial aspect of the room, adding coolness to the spaces. The simplicity lies in beholding the aura of the utilization of the space, weather conditions, etc. For example, people prefer white & light shades in offices for enhancing the reflectance of daylight purposely.

2. Bright Yellow

It is said to be the most illuminating colour in terms of interiors, especially the warm & cosy living room suits better in yellow with raw brown furniture. It adds brightness to the space & seems to enlarge in terms of the volume of the space. It also makes the space appear healthier in comparison to dark shades.

3. Shades of grey

Grey is said to be the most trending one from the colour palette. Its usage varies from living rooms, modular kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It adds calmness to the space along with the depth & coolness in distinct accents.

4. Olive Green

2022 Paint Colour Trends Olive Green

It is most trending in modular kitchens these days. The rise in interest started in 2010 but is inflating its importance now. It creates a centre of focus from its varying purpose. Sometimes, it is used on one side of the wall to create attractiveness along with different raw shades.

5. Carven Clay

2022 Paint Colour Trends Carven Clay
Photo by Isaac Martin on Unsplash

It can be described as the cream-ish shade which adds charm to the space. Furthermore, it adds warmness to spaces varying from the kitchen to living rooms. It enlarges the spaces, specifically preferred in double-height halls.

6. The Blues

2022 Paint Colour Trends The Blues

The tint of blues always adds depth to the space along with calmness. Blue is the colour of the sea, which itself depicts serenity. Therefore, when used in living rooms adds calmness to the overall space. It is trending nowadays, especially in welcoming spaces or guest rooms.

7. Terracotta

It can be described as one of the earthiest trends, found in eco-friendly interiors. It blends with the indoor plants, green carpets and makes the space speak of itself. It adds groundedness along with the versatility of the space. The brown wooden furniture suits the best with it.

2022 Paint Colour Trends Terracotta
Source: crownpaints

Each shade of colour drastically alters the mood of the environment and is directly proportional to how the area is or will be perceived. As times have changed and the majority of humanity spends more time indoors, it is critical to experiment with the interiors to create that innate connection of the mind to space. For that desired spatial arrangement, it is critical to consider the smallest element that has the potential to change the entire perception.

2022 Colour Trends bedroom colours

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Written by Srajati

Srajati is from an Architectural background with a bundle of nerves. She finds peace in writing down her thoughts, travelling, and spending time holed up with a good book.

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