20 Unique Ideas To Make Your Valentine Feel Special On This Upcoming Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is round the corner and all the lovebirds all round the globe are busy in making plans for the big day. But we are sure all of you might be tucked with the usual and boring Valentine day’s plans. So, let us help you in this. Here we are coming up with some fun and exciting valentine day plans to make you day more special –

1.Candle Light Dinner

Who can beat the classic way of celebrating valentine day? Book a candle light dinner on your favorite roof top restaurant and enjoy the night.

2. Long Drive

How about going on a long drive with your partner. Just spend some quality time with your partner away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. Shaking a leg together

This is for all the dancer lover couples. How about visiting your favourtae disc and dancing together to all the love songs of the year.

4. Go For Trekking

This is for all adventure loving couples. If you have been planning to go on an adventure trip together since some time then this valentine day is the perfect time to do so. Go for a short trekking trip nearby to your location.

5. Go for a beach vacation

There is nothing more romantic than a beach vacation. So, how about going on a beach vacation with your loved one.

6. Valentine Breakfast

This is for all the busy couples who can’t make out time to go out together. Don’t worry we have something for you too. Why not surprise your partner with a valentine day breakfast at the bed.

7. Keep Roses in her Purse

How about giving her a surprise when she expected the least. And till date one of the most affordable and best form of showing love is the classic red roses. So, keep a bountiful of red roses in her purse.

8. Romantic Lunch

Another best surprise will be just to drop in her office and then both of you can go out together on a romantic lunch. This will make up for the entire day.

9. Make Her Shop

Shopping is every girl’s first love. So, let her shop her heart out this valentine day.

10. The Final Proposal

Surprise your partner with the final proposal by giving her a ring and asking her hand for marriage.

11. Rewind Your First Date

This will be such a nostalgia V Day. Why not do the same things which you did on your first date?

12. A Handmade Card

A Handmade card is the perfect way in expressing your love with a personalized touch.

13. Visit A Spa Together

Valentine Day can also be celebrated as a relaxing and self-rejuvenation day. So, why go for a couple spa together.

14. Stay In And Cook

This is for all the introvert couples who doesn’t like to go out. So, you can just stay in, watch a fab romantic movie on the couch and cook your favourate meal together.

15. Gift Her a Romantic Book

This is for the book lovers. And if you gift your partner a romantic book then she will love it and rejoice it.

16. Jar Love

This might be a bit time consuming but totally worth when you will see your partner smiling. Take a jar and fill it with all red candies if possible then heart shaped and then put your own handwritten notes to it. This will definitely bring a big smile on her face.

17. Photo Collage

How about making a photo collage with all your old pictures and memories. This will be the perfect photo to cherish all your life.

18. Handwritten Letter

Handwritten letter will be the perfect valentine day gift. You can revisit all your previous memories, the up and downs in your relationship and many more.

19. Special Reasons

Why not make a handwritten note of 14 reasons why I love you and place them at different places. This will be the perfect valentine day gift which she will cherish throughout the day.

20. Sing Her Favourate Song

How about singing her favourate song? This is definitely a fab idea because every girl loves her guy to sing a song for her.

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