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20 Secret Santa Gifts For Him Under 500

Gifting season is around the corner and thus here we are back with some special gifts for him. Buying something for boys becomes extremely difficult and thus here we will guide you through this. There are some fabulous gifts listed down here for your male friend and before you raise your eyebrows, don’t worry the price tag is also well sorted out. All of these gifts are within 500.
Let’s have a look at best secret Santa gifts for him under 500 –

1.Wildhorn Brown Men’s Wallet

I personally love brown wallets as they have a distinctive look to it. This is a pure leather wallet which comes with dual compartment settings. The wallet has laptop compatibility as it has no straps. Shop here

2.Miami Silver Crystal Plated Cufflinks

This is a highly durable brass bullet-shaped cufflinks which are extremely durable and perfect for daily usage. They can be worn to both formal and informal occasions. They are polished and has a high polish and glamorous reflection to it. Shop here

3.Kemei Rechargeable Beard

Men love to have beards these days but the same need to be trimmed time to time for hygiene purpose. This is a rechargeable trimmer which ensures smooth and soft cut without any injuries. Shop here

4.Zuvi tech 2.5 Inch Portable Casing Enclosure

This is for all the tech lovers. You can store your hard drive or solid state drive into this. This is a perfect stylish enclosure which will provide you with full support while you are on a go. Shop here

5.Zuvi tech 2.5 Inch Laptop Portable External Hard Disk

This is a perfect external storage disk which is enough to store all your songs, movies, documents and much more. This is a high-speed interface and it will store all your personal and professional files easily. Shop here


6.Grey and Black Colourblock Round Neck T-Shirt

This is such a plain yet stylish tee which will look great on boys. This is a very comfortable tee which can be worn all year round. Shop here

7. Navy Blue Checkered Round Neck T-Shirt

This is a full sleeved tee which is perfect for slightly colder times. This comes in a checked pattern which is very stylish and trendy at the same time. Shop here

8.Men Maroon Solid Shorts

Boys love red and maroons as much as girls love them. These shorts are quite comfortable and perfect to be worn in external trips. You can wear them for casual occasions at both day and night time. Shop here

9.Men Black Rapid Dry Camo Training Shorts

Military prints are trending and thus these shorts are perfect to be worn on your beach outings day or even on Sundays or any other holidays. Shop here

10. White Padded Ankle Length Socks

These white socks are a must-have in your men’s wardrobe. These ankle length socks are padded and extremely comfortable with both sports and formal shoes. Shop here

11.Men Maroon Cap

Caps are one of the most loved accessories of present times. And thus these maroon caps are not only fashionable but trendy at the same time. They are extremely stylish and thus perfect to be paired with most of the occasions. Shop here

12. Unisex Green and Black Hyperfuel Water Bottle

This water bottle can be the perfect accessory with your guy during his gym outings. This is not only stylish but light weight and easy to carry. Shop here 

13. Unisex Sports Sunglasses

In case your male guy has an oval shaped face then this is perfect for him. These sunglasses remove dust and ensure a good grip on your face. Shop here

14.Woodland Breeze Perfume

This perfume is best for day time. This not only ensures good fragrance but also smooth and floral feeling all throughout the day. The fragrance lasts quite long and ensures that you keep smelling good throughout the day. Shop here

15.Typographic Print T-Shirt with Hood

This is a 100% cotton T-Shirt which has zip detailing at the front. Tee comes with a hood which is quite stylish and trendy it itself. Shop here 


16. Polo T-Shirt with Signature Branding

Polo tees are undisputable fashion symbol. They can be worn all year round either by itself or above the jackets and other winter wears. The color is also quite attractive and goes quite well in both formal and causal occasions. Shop here

17.Tropical Print T-Shirt

This is such a cool and stylish tee to be worn with jeans and even shorts. This is a perfect shirt to be worn in summers and show off your cool personality. Shop here

18.Checkered Shirt with Spread collar

This is a perfect semi-formal shirt which can be worn with jeans as well. The check pattern gives you a young and vibrant look. Shop here

19.Slim Fit Typographic Print Crew Neck T-Shirt

This is such a cool T-shirt which comes in bold color. The T-shirt is perfect for casual outings and it comes in bold yellow colors which looks extremely attractive. Shop here

20.Textured Low Top Casual Shoes

Such wonderful causal shoes which are not only comfortable but stylish as well. These shoes can be worn on both causals as well as formal outings. These shoes are perfect for traveling and even for long distances. Shop here 

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Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.

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