20 Home Decor Changes That Covid Brought To Our Life

With workplaces and schools closed, now is the time to look at our home; now, our retreat is more space than ever.

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Covid has touched almost all aspects of our life. Our home is largely impacted by the same. As we spend most of our time at home these days, it’s essential to have a energetic and positive environment. So, let’s take a look at some amazing home decor options.

Simple Home Decor Changes:

1. Garden

Just in time for the spring-summer season, consider taking on a garden project. You don’t need a large garden to refresh your DIY garden quickly. A simple balcony will also do the job.

2. Add a colourful blanket, throw some pillows, stack a pile of books or magazines, hang fairy lights and add a bright painting to the wall to keep it all tied together.

3. Home Office Environment

Many of us have adjusted to remote work from home, and home offices are essential to our jobs- and health. Design the perfect home office, bringing the right colours and creating an excellent home office environment.

4. Choose a bright corner that you like to spend time in any part of the house, be it the living room, bedroom, or porch.

5. Adding integrated flower pots against a contrasting wall makes the space even more vital and makes it a final treat for your senses.

6. Cleanup Shelves or Donate Books

Keep books that you no longer use in a bag to donate, delete shelves, and put everything back in a new setting.

7. At this time, our home, our four walls, protects and shields us from the dangers of the world. So, let’s invest some time to make it cosy as well as beautiful to the eyes.

8. House Gym

So you can’t go to the gym during this pandemic. However, it is still essential to practice and keep fit. Time to build an in house gym.

9. Invest this time to bring in a clutter-free and functional kitchen.

10. Including bold and impressive pieces like vintage chairs, artwork, or vintage mirrors can snatch the house’s look together at an affordable price.

11. Add Excitement and Intimate Elements

Lights and candles certainly add drama and highlight exciting elements of any space.

12. Mixing and matching brightly coloured cushions with wooden furniture or light backdrops can instantly lighten the face of the room and add some fun pop.

13. Adding pieces made by yourself adds an intimate touch and gives a relaxed feeling overall.

14. A new duvet cover can instantly transform your bedroom. Look for light fabrics like linen and cotton for comfortable bedding even when the weather is hot.

15. Balance the Mood

Give a neutral touch to your home for some time. It helps in balancing the overall mood and theme of the place.

16. If your home is short on space, turn a new porch into a spot for recreation or relaxation.

17. The colourful transformation of your front door adds extra style to your porch and serves as a decor centrepiece too.

18. Focus on Lighting

Take a look at outdoor restaurants and winery spaces for inspiration on your deck or gesture lighting.

19. Swag lights are an easy way to create a reading corner or set up a dining area in a small home.

20. A low-profile table for recreation and lounge is the trending way to relax in the living room.


With workplaces and schools closed, now is the time to look at our home; now, our retreat is more space than ever.

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Written by Pallavi Bose

Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.


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