19 Things All Ultimate Best Friends know To Be True

1.Being Brutally Honest
“Nope that dress makes you look like you have the butt of an elephant.”

2.Your Inside Jokes Are Often Classified As Lame By Other People
They just don’t get it.

3.You’re Practically Psychics
You’ve lost count the number of times you’ve read each other’s mind.

4.All It Takes Is One Look
You often communicate with each other when you’re in a group by just facial expressions. And you know you two are on the same page!

5.Finishing Sentences
Not just reading minds, but you often find yourself finishing each other’s sentences too.

6.Disliking The New Friend
It’s not that you’re insecure, but seeing your best friend become close friends with another person can get pretty annoying.6

7.But Nothing Changes
You end up realizing there’s no one who can even match up to you.

8.Predictions Coming True
There are a whole bunch of predictions you have made for one another that have come true.
“You say you don’t want that job, but you will end up taking it.”

9.There’s No Mine Or Yours
Everything is ours.

10.Including Their Family
They’ve adopted you anyway. And your family has adopted her.

11.Bodily Functions Don’t Embarrass You Anymore
You’ve let nasty ones rip in front of them, way too many times by now.

12.You Know What Bras They Have
“Wear your pink bra with polka dots, that’ll make your boobs look nice in this dress.”

13.You Do Things That You Don’t Otherwise
The world thinks you dislike dancing, but only your best friend has seen you work up some mad moves.13

14. You’re Officially A Duo
And you love it. You love how your names are always said together.

15. Your Signature Thing
At some point, you’ve come up with a weird phrase, handshake, or name for the two of you.15

16. There Are Zero Filters
You’ve spoken to them about everything under the sun. Dreams, fears, stupid moments, sex, waxing, the odd colour of your poop this morning.

17. Only You Two Know How Stupid The Other One Really Is
Because there’s no judgment, there’s no fear. And let’s admit, you’ve heard your best friend say some pretty stupid stuff.17

18. Sometimes, All It Takes Is A Cue
And you two are in splits at the same time, same moment.

19. You Have EPIC Stories To Tell
And you cannot wait to tell your best friend’s kids how badass you were and are!19

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Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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