Trendy Hairstyle to Try in Monsoon 2013

Monsoon begins with rains,humidity,sweat at nape of neck, tying and cutting hair seems to be on everyone’s mind. Here are trendy hairstyle to try in monsoon 2013  and fun ways to flaunt tied hair this rainy season.

Bun at nape:

Deepika Padukone flaunted a small bun at nape of the neck in movie Break k Baad. This hairstyle became style statement for many young girls in Indian wear. Experimenting the look we have Sonam Kapoor to try a similar look.

Method: Tie a low ponytail at nape of the neck. Straighten the hair and divide in three parts. Take two outer divisions of hair and criss-cross braid. Then roll in the hair in form of bun joining the three sections to the knot with hair pins. Use hair spray for the hair to set.


Stylize the long mane in a classy and elegant manner of braid. Braids are not limited to just Indian wear but goes well with trousers and jeans as well. French Braid or Palm Tree Braids are latest statements made by Dia Mirza, Bipasha Basu and Sonam Kapoor.

Method: It is easy to do and save the money for parlor with instructions mentioned in youtube.


Easy to do and neat 5 minutes job is to tie a ponytail. But showing off elegance and charm there are many ways to flaunt your long traces. Time for high ponytail is a style of bygone era. Try tying hair with a sparkling scrunchies or stole or other accessories at nape of the neck. Low ponytails and designated on the side showing the nape is another cute trick to play. It is advisable to straighten the hair first before tying so it stays manageable during the day.

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Written by Smita Diwan

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