15 Unique Gifts For Your Sibling, This Bhai Dooj

Hindu Mythology lists more than one reason as to why Bhai dooj is celebrated. Some say it is because Lord Mahavir attained salvation on this day, and his brother, Raja Nandivardhan, missed him sorely. He was comforted, in such a time, by his sister, Sudarshana. Others believe it was because Lord Krishna was welcomed with aarti and tilak by his sister, Subhadra, when he returned home after killing the demon, Narkasur.

Another legend, however, says that the god of Death, Yama, visited his sister, Yamuna on this day. She greeted him with aarti and tilak, and took very good care of him. He was so pleased with her generous welcome that he persuaded her to ask for a gift. She asked that on this day every brother should remember and visit his sister without fail. Now wasn’t that such a unique gift to ask for? Overwhelmed by this, Yama granted her the wish she had asked for and also declared that any brother who would receive an aarti and tilak from his sister on this day should never be afraid of death. That tells us there were two unique gifts given that day to brothers and sisters all over the world.

How about you commemorate this beautiful day with an unconventional gift for your sibling? We, at What She Likes, have come up with a list of unique and super awesome gift ideas to help you make this Bhai Dooj a very special one for your sibling. Do take a look:

Ideas for Sister:

1. Vacation:


Put together a getaway for your sister personally with exciting places, experiences and activities that she might enjoy, and watch her squeal in excitement when you gift it to her. Travel turns you into a storyteller, and the best travel story you will ever hear is the one your sister tells people, time and again, of the vacation her brother sent her on.

2.Spa Voucher:

You simply cannot go wrong with gifting your sister a way to be pampered. She goes through more than she lets on in her life, and a day at the spa would be just what she needs to de-stress and get back that glow on her face that you love so much.


Life begins outside your comfort zone, and so it would be lovely to gift your sister an opportunity to live life to the fullest. Whether it is skydiving, snorkeling or ziplining, book her an adventure that you really want her to experience.

4.Insurance Policy:

Some gifts say what your sister means to you much more than a mug with ‘World’s Best Sister’ written on it can ever say. An insurance policy or an investment in her name is one such gift that she can always fall back on in her time of need, and be assured that her brother has taken care of her.

5.DIY Gift:

When it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Nothing can tell your sister what you think about her better than something you make for her yourself. Right from lanterns to photo frames, there are tutorials available online for a million things you could make for her.


Your sister dreams of her happily ever after, and deep down you also dream of that for her. Nobody understands her value or how special she is the way you do. Why not set her up on a date with someone you think is worthy of her? And if she is already with someone, you could gift her a romantic date that you personally planned for the two of them to enjoy.

7.Travel Neck Pillow:

If she loves travel or has to travel a lot for work, a set of travel neck pillows would make a wonderful gift for her. These pillows will ensure comfortable sleep and rest for her on those long journeys.

8.Photo Patchwork Quilt:

Speaking of sleep and comfort, gift her a photo quilt with all of your favourite memories together. Not only will it bring her coziness when she sleeps or curls up with a book but she will also seek comfort from it on the days she really needs it.

9.Fix-It Kit:

If you gift a fix-it tool kit to your sister, with items such as screwdriver, measuring tape, pliers, water-proof glue and sandpaper, she will be able to fix almost every small plumbing crack, breaks and door handles, all by herself. Teach her how to do her own fixes and repairs, and make her independent.


Make your sister feel special by cooking her favourite meal for her. Treating your sister to her favourite food is always good but cooking those dishes for her yourself will make the day unforgettable for her.


Rugged, water-resistant, portable Bluetooth speakers make a cool gift for absolutely anybody. You could also get her speakers that light up, so that she gets a party every time she wants to enjoy music.

12.Potted Plant:

Give your sister something that she can nurture as much as you nurture your relationship with her. A potted plant will make the air around her healthier, while the greenery will keep her feeling rejuvenated.


If your sister is an animal lover, or even if she could simply use a cuddly best friend 24×7, there is no better time to gift her a pet.

14.Special Dress:

Instead of simply buying her clothes, why don’t you gather a few old sarees belonging to your mother and grandmother? Get a few dress ideas from Pinterest and gift her a dress made out of those. It will forever be the most special thing in her wardrobe.


If there is a club, a restaurant, a theatre or a store that you sister is terribly crazy about, now is the best time to gift her a lifetime membership card for it. She will think of you every single time she enjoys discounts and offers or just has a good time.

Ideas for Brother:


Don’t just bless him with a long, healthy life this Bhai dooj. Do your bit towards taking care of your brother’s health by gifting him a fitbit.

2.Beer Mug:

Gift your brother a personalized beer mug with his picture and a funny or sweet message on it. This will definitely trump the coffee mug that says ‘World’s Best Brother’.

3.Fondue Vessel:

A fondue vessel might just be the perfect gift for your brother. The cheese and chocolate fondues this vessel could give him would be his saviors on the days when he feels too lazy to cook, has a party to throw or has a date to entertain.

4.Polaroid Camera:

A polaroid camera is a classic item that everybody longs to have. Gift your brother this along with a string of photo lights, so that he could instantly hang your best memories together on his wall.

5.Buffet Voucher:

If your brother is a foodie, or even if you just think he will enjoy the experience, gift him a voucher for an all you can eat buffet. Nothing says love like food, and that much food will be a generous reminder of your love for him.

6.Funny Room/Bathroom Board:

Gift him a board with a funny message that he can hang on the door of his room or bathroom. That way, when his friends come over and think about how cool he is, you can silently smirk to yourself.

7.Camping Supplies:

Let your brother explore his caveman side with a great set of camping supplies that you gift him. Once he is tempted to enjoy the great outdoors, he will make it a point to break away from the mundane and make time for himself.

8.Barbecue Equipment:

Speaking of camping, some barbecue equipment would make a fabulous gift for your brother. Not only will he be able to use it while camping, but also at home for parties, get togethers or just for himself. You could also gift him a barbecue pan.

9.Joke Book:


Having a great sense of humour and being the life of the party are the two things that most men love to be known for. Gift him a great big book of jokes that will help him achieve both.

10.Netflix Membership:

This bhai dooj, make your brother eternally grateful to you by taking care of his entertainment. Gift him a year’s membership to Netflix or Amazon Prime so that he can watch unlimited movies and TV series.


Who is your brother’s idol? See if you can arrange for a meeting with him or her so that you brother knows just to what extent you would go for him. And if that isn’t possible, see if you could get a collectible that has been autographed by them for him.

12.Virtual Reality Headset and Glasses:

Very few gifts are as cool as this one. And if your brother is a gadget freak, these 3-D virtual reality glasses and headset are a sure shot way to his heart. The 360-degree view will offer him an amazing experience while gaming or watching movies.

13.Keepsake Weapon:

Not to suggest anything dangerous, but make your brother feel like a true hero (or villain, if he prefers that), this bhai dooj with a cool weapon for him to keep. It doesn’t have to be guns, but you could always gift him a heritage sword, an engraved dagger, an archery set or cool nunchakus.


Let him take the edge off his day with a massager that he could use for his head or back. A massage recliner would be pure bliss for him. At the end of a long, tiring day, when he gets to feel those invigorating vibrations, he will decide that you are his favourite sister.


Have him spend the day with those in need and get him things to distribute among them as gifts. This will not only be a humbling experience for him but will also get him a lot of blessings.

Now that you have so many ideas about how to make this Bhai Dooj the best one your sibling has had so far, do not waste any more time in making it happen.

What do you think?

Written by Puja Gokarn

A writer insanely in love with writing...who knows and has no way other than to love writing as much as she does...enjoys flavours of food, experiences, stories and words....savors life and longs for complete abandon and surrender in everything!

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