15 Things You Must Know Before You Start Keto Diet

Did you know that Ketogenic diet has been around since 1920? Keto has become a fad with popular with celebrities like Karan Johar, Huma Qureshi and Tanmay Bhatt following keto diet.

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We at whatSHElikes are more of exercise freaks than the diet followers. We may not follow always what people are following blindly but we are here for learning about a healthy lifestyle that we can adapt for a longer period of time. Worldwide Keto diet is having a bit of a moment right now. It’s been wildly popular on social media for it’s instant weight loss effects, Did you know that Ketogenic diet has been around since 1920? Keto has become a fad with popular with celebrities like Karan Johar, Huma Qureshi and Tanmay Bhatt following keto diet.

We spoke to Dr. Rohini Shende who’s popularly known for her healthy diet plans not just in Maharashtra but also across India. Rohini has been working in the Field of Diet and Nutrition over the last 8 years, she has passionately done intense research in the fields of diet, nutrition, fitness, mental health and overall lifestyle modifications.Realizing the importance of these fields in shaping one’s life, she wants to reach out to people, increase awareness and share the knowledge she has acquired over all these years.

Dr. Rohini Shende
Dr. Rohini Shende

1. Where did Keto come from and it’s origin?

Ketogenic Diet was primarily created to treat the patients of Epilepsy (refractory). Epilepsy is a neurological disorder associated with episodes of convulsions, loss of consciousness and sensory disturbances associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

2. How did the Keto weight loss trend become popular in India?

The health trend basically came from the west where some of the fitness celebrities and actors lost weight with ketogenic diet. Now it’s quite popular in the young generation in our country.

3. Is keto diet recommended for weight loss of Indian body type?

Keto diet is basically High fat, adequate protein and very low carb diet which puts your body metabolism into a fat burning mode. As a result there are many ketogens formed in your body. Indian body types show very fast results with keto considering our traditional diet habits and patterns.

4. Are there any side effects of following Keto diet and It’s weight loss?

Yes. There are many side effects of ketogenic diet. Some of them are,
Constant headache, migraine, dizziness, hypoglycemia, fainting, kidney stones, constipation, hair fall, dryness of skin, strong sugar cravings. The side effects always vary from person to person

5. Who can do Keto?

Anyone looking for a quick weight loss and fat loss can do keto. But this totally depends on that person’s health history also which should be taken into consideration (for example, their age, blood tests, body type and other health parameters)

6. How can we get back to regular diet from Keto?

This is the most challenging part. You have look at your point of balance after doing keto. Here, taking care of blood sugar levels plays an important role. Or else there are chances of getting back to binge eating spree!

7. Is the weight loss permanent in Keto?

No. It’s never a permanent weight loss if you don’t watch your diet after doing keto. I’d recommend to get adopted to a healthy lifestyle diet Post keto and find your point of balance.

8. What can we for a headache, dry skin and dry hair in keto?

Drink 5-6 liters of water
Visit your nutritionist and start with the right supplements for hair.
Eat 1 tbsp of cows Ghee everyday

9. Is this diet difficult for vegetarians?

No. It’s not. As long as you are balancing your protein requirements through the vegetarian sources.

10. Can we eat dal, sprouts, soy chunks, milk, and raagi in keto?

Yes. Of course, these are allowed in keto. But some of these are not advised for people with thyroid, PCOD and gut issues.

11. How do I know if Keto is working on my body?

Within the first 7-10 days, you start noticing inch loss (especially around the tummy area). Also sometimes a headache is a very common sign of keto diet.

12. What are the effects of eating cheese, fried food and paneer regularly in Keto?

They really mess up your Gut which is your digestive system. It’s might put you in gut issues like Gut inflammation and leaky gut (which is basically damage gut flora). These foods are contraindicated for people with thyroid, PCOD, hypertension and any other lifestyle diseases too.

13. Can Keto be customized according to Indian food type?

Yes. It can totally be customized.

14. Do you recommend Keto diet?

That’s a lovely question. My recommendations will complete differing from person to person according to their age, sex, history, health and blood parameters and also their weight loss and fitness goal. You cannot heal people with lifestyle diseases by the ketogenic diet. And trust me a healthy and well planned nutritional program does heal most of the diseases including a very healthy weight loss! 🙂

15. 5 Keto myths that people are not aware of?

1. You can do it forever
2. It’s a permanent weight loss
3. They can eat any junk, processed and unhealthy food and get away with it.
4. There are no side effects
5. Ketogenic diet is High protein

What do you think?

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