15 Foods to Try in India Before You Die

Here are few famous dishes which define the cities.

Biryani Basmati Rice

If you are looking for a reason to travel across India, then food can be a great justification for your pan India trip. Here are few famous dishes which define the cities.

Statutory Warning: Don’t try these at home; Rather travel to the respective city for authentic flavors!!

1.Hyderabad: Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani is an exotic mouth-watering Nawabi dish which originated in the kitchen of Nizams after mixing Mughlai and Telugu cuisine. It is unique due to the meat and rice being cooked together with loads of different spices and unique ingredients to create a divine aroma with rich flavors and heavenly tastes. The most popular variations of this dish are replacing meat with chicken.

Bawarchi Biryani
Source: Bawarchi Biryani

2.Chandigarh: Butter Chicken

This traditional delectable Punjabi recipe is prepared by using overnight marinated chicken flavored with fresh yogurt, tomatoes, almonds, cashew paste, soft and rich butter and an array of authentic Indian spices. It is also known as Murg Makhani and is best served with hot naans, green chutney and onion salad. The variations in the gravy can be made as hot or mild to suit different palates. The exquisite flavor of this recipe makes it a must try food for everyone.

Chandigarh Butter Chicken
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3.Amritsar: Sarson da saag

Sarson da saag is a Punjabi dish which is an amalgamation of love, time and patience. It is generally prepared in the winter season since fresh mustard leaves are available at that time of the year. The interesting part about this recipe is that its heavenly flavors are loved by all and it is believed to be an excellent source of major nutrients. This delightful dish is authentically served with makki di roti which is corn bread topped with processed butter or clarified ghee.

Amritsar Sarson da saag
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4.Delhi: Chaat

It is very correctly said that the true flavors of Delhi’s street food lies in its chaat. It is something one cannot afford to miss. There is a large variety of chaats that are available in almost every street and all foodies will love to soak in the earthy flavors of all possible delicacies. The authentic chaat is a combination of crispy potato pieces, fried bread, dahi bhalla, tangy-salty spices which is served with tamarind sauce and yogurt. Chandni Chowk area in New Delhi is highly recommended for enjoying this lip-smacking street food.

Delhi Chat
Source :

5.Gangtok: Thukpa

Thukpa is originally a Tibetan noodle soup but it is widely available and popular in Gangtok. This mildly spicy all-in-one meal contains meat (pork/chicken/mutton/beef), vegetables with herbs and boiled noodles. It is generally served piping hot in large bowls. There are numerous varieties of noodles used in this dish which makes it a wholesome food with exquisite flavor.

Gangtok Thukpa
Source :

6.Kolkata : Hilsa

Kolkata is a popular place for fish lovers to pamper their taste buds with the best fish preparations. Hilsa is a famous fish served in Kolkata in various varieties including Hilsa Tok Jhal which is Hilsa served in thick tangy gravy, Hilsa marinated in mustard leaf, Hilsa marinated and grilled in bottle guard leaf etc. This famous Bengali cuisine is perfected with various seasonings and is best. This dish is so loved by Bengalis that every year a special Hilsa Food Festival is celebrated in Kolkata to mark its distinguish flavor and treat oneself with its innovative preparations.

Kolkata Hilsa
Source :

7.Mumbai : Vadapav

Vadapav is a famous spicy Maharashtrian snack. It is basically boiled mashed potato deep fried in gram flour batter and is sandwiched between slices of bun with spicy chutney. This street food snack does not require an elaborate preparation and yet is extremely delicious. Due to its popularity this snack is available in different variations and is still regarded as a humble Indian burger which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Mumbai Vada Pav
Source :

8.Chennai : Pongal

Pongal is a delectable combination of rice and lentils which is seasoned with various spices and condiments to make it more flavorsome. There are two varieties of Pongal, viz, sweet pongal and spicy pongal. The sweet pongal is specially prepared to celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti in Chennai.

Chennai Pongal

9.Patna : Gujiya

Gujiya is a classic Indian sweet which has a distinct shape and is made with refined wheat flour stuffed with khoya and dry fruits. This dessert is generally prepared in North India on the festival of Holi. The most interesting part about this dessert is that it is not overly sweet and can be stored at room temperature for two weeks.

Patna Gujiya
Source :

10.Srinagar : Kahwa

Srinagar is a foodie’s delight and offers large varieties of different cuisines. The most famous is the Kahwa which is a traditional green tea preparation and is famous breakfast beverage in Srinagar. The specialty of this tea is that green tea is boiled along with saffron strands, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, Kashmiri roses, honey and some nuts. The divine aroma and the nutty flavor of this tea makes it a must try beverage.

Kashmiri Khawa
Source :

11. Lucknow : Galawati kebab

The mouthwatering Galawati Kebab in Lucknow is a traditional Awadhi recipe. These kebabs are made up of minced lamb and are incredibly tender with buttery texture. The most interesting part about these kebabas is that they melt in your mouth which makes it a dish to die for.

Lucknow Galawati kebab
Source :

12.Udaipur : Dal Bati

This dish is among the most traditional dishes of Rajasthan. It is a famous vegetarian cuisine consisting of two components: the cooked spiced lentils and the baked whole wheat dumplings brushed with desi ghee. This beloved local staple food is beautifully prepared and its excellent taste makes it one of the must try foods in IndiaUdaipur Dal Bati

13.Kohima : Momos

Kohima is a small city in Nagaland and momos have been an evergreen favorite for people over here. This dish has its origins in Tibet but due to its great taste it is widely popular everywhere. Momos are dumplings stuffed with either vegetables or minced meat and are served great with tangy chutney. It absolutely delicious and a must try food item, especially in winters.

Kohima Momos dumpling

14.Ahmedabad: Khaman

This is a traditional Gujarati dish which is soft, spongy and extremely tasty. This snack does not need any elaborate preparation and cooking. It is a very simple snack which is fresh, healthy and very delicious. Khaman Dhokla is prepared with chickpea flour and other spices are added before steaming it. This dish is famous for its high nutrient contents.

Ahmedabad Khaman
Source :

15.Thiruvananthapuram: Karimeen Pollichathu

This spectacular dish is made from Karimeen a.k.a. the Pearl spot fish which is wrapped and grilled with the masala in banana leaf. It is a very famous food in Thiruvananthapuram due to its excellent taste and melting property. This delicate fish delicacy is highly recommended for all fish lovers.

Thiruvananthapuram Karimeen Pollichathu
Source :

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