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15 Drool Worthy Wallpapers For Your Home

Let’s see 15 drool-worthy wallpapers which you can use to revamp the look and feel of your living space.

Colourful Geometric Pattern

Are you tired of looking at the boring walls of your house and desperately looking to revamp your home? Wallpaper is the easiest way to bring a change in the ambience of any room, hall or corner. One can use them for the staircase, kitchen platform walls and various other corners of the house. If you are looking for some clue and want to try some new drool-worthy wallpaper, then you can check out the list given below.

Let’s see 15 drool-worthy wallpapers for home.

1. Abstract Wallpaper

This golden leaf abstract wallpaper will give a glossy and elegant look to the walls. So, you can try this on the walls of your living room or bedroom. If you are looking for some abstract wallpaper you can check out Flipkart’s range.

Abstract Wallpaper

Price: ₹ 399

2. Colourful Geometric Pattern

This sharped design of colourful geometric wallpaper creates a symmetrical artistic ambience. The best part about this wallpaper is that it is free from harmful chemicals, PVC, lead and microplastics. It also comes with 8 years of colour warranty, is tear-proof and water-resistant. You can check some of the options from Best of Bharat.

Colourful Geometric Pattern

Price: ₹ 99 (per sqft)

3. HS-Store’s Winter Tree Design Wallpaper

This wallpaper by the ‘HS-Store’ brand gives a feeling of winter with its blue-coloured tree design along with random iceboxes. You can try Amazon. in.


Winter Tree Design

Price: ₹ 1799

4. Multicolor Printed Textured Ethnic Wallpaper

This wallpaper is printed with eco-friendly dyes which give an overall ethnic look. Try Jaypore for your bedroom or living room’s transformation.


Multicolor printed textured ethnic wallpaper

Price: ₹ 2500 (48 in × 30 in)

5. Bauhaus Style Wallpaper

This ‘Bauhaus style’ wallpaper gives a modern yet contemporary look with a colourful monochrome palette. One can buy it from Best of Bharat.


Bauhaus Style Wallpaper
Price: ₹ 99 (per sqft)

6. Jaamso Royals Vintage Flower Trees Birds Wallpaper

This ‘Vintage flower tree birds’ wallpaper showcase the garden theme in the green shade with blossomed flowers and birds on trees. Try amazon’s variety of options.


Jaamso Royals Vintage Flower Trees Birds

Price: ₹ 999

7. Treescape Wallpaper

This treescape wallpaper in mint shade showcasing mystical trees with bloom flowers adds depth to its design. You can buy it from Wallpaper direct.



Price: ₹ 3500

8. European Style Non-Woven Wallpaper

This non-woven wallpaper with European artistic touch will give an elegant look to the walls. One can buy it from On shop deal.


European Style

Price: ₹ 3399

9. Bright Vision 3D Brick Decorative Wallpaper

This wallpaper from the ‘Bright Vision’ brand will look elegant and bright on the walls.
One can buy it from Amazon


Bright Vision 3D Brick

Price: ₹ 1099

10. Navy Blue Seamless Geometric Wallpaper

This ultra-modern seamless wallpaper in navy blue tone will be ideal for a living room, bedroom and hall walls. You can also choose the texture of the wallpapers as there are numerous options available in it such as smooth, canvas, brushstrokes, fabric and leather. One can buy it from Best of Bharat.


Navy Blue

Price: ₹ 99 (per sqft)

11. Vintage Wood Wallpaper

This vintage wood wallpaper is a versatile wallpaper. It is made from eco-friendly material and is durable, waterproof, removable and pressure resistant. One can buy it from Amazon.


VIntage Wood

Price: ₹ 999

12. Pantone Yellow Wallpaper

This Pantone wallpaper with its bright yellow colour palette along with flower petals will create a dainty look.


Pantone Yellow

Price: ₹ 332

13. Palm Wallpaper

Decorate your space with this simple yet elegant faded palm leaves design wallpaper that will create a cosy feel with a tropic touch. One can buy it from Wallpaper direct.


Palm Wallpaper

Price: ₹ 3500

14. Beige Multicolour Printed Textured Ethnic Wallpaper

Lighten your living room walls with this beige textured ethnic wallpaper evoking the pretty floral design. One can buy it from Jaypore


Beige Multicolor texture

Price: ₹ 2000 ((48 in × 30 in)

15. Line Pattern Geometric Wallpaper

‘Line pattern geometric wallpaper’ is a perfect example of a minimalistic art design that looks elegant and is perfect for a living room, café and office walls. One can buy it from Best of Bharat.


Line Pattern

Price: ₹ 99 (per sqft)

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